Restless Limbs

This year one of my new goals is to have a better sleep schedule. After I finish this post I’m going to go shower, read a bit of the Hobbit, and go to sleep. Everyone seems to say they’ll get more sleep at some point in their life and I would imagine that most people don’t. It’s a lot harder tha...

Learning Python

Holy cow. It’s been a while since I’ve tried to learn a new language. Have you ever glanced at Python? This is a beast of a language, pun both not and actually intended. Just, damn. That’s terrifying. Luckily, Visual Studio can handle Python. I’ve yet to figure out how to create a Python project...

Beast Mastery Challenge – Failiure from Success

I finished the challenge mode for Beast Mastery Hunter today. I believe this was also the first day I started trying to complete it in the first place. And yet, a few dozen attempts stood between me and finishing it. A grand total of a few hours likely. I don’t hate challenges, in many ways I enjoy them. I tend t...

Why it is so difficult to have a Utopia.

A quick musing on why its just so gosh darn difficult to have a pleasant world.

Rico Reviews – The Last Jedi

It isn’t often that I write anymore. Not a big deal, I’m going to start working on it again and see if I can get to something close to functional. This might all seem like a strange way to open with a review and you aren’t wrong. Basically some social media sites ignore what I set as the excerpt and j...

Thoughts on Bloodborne Part Two: Our eyes are yet to open

Last time we went over the mechanical and gameplay aspects of Bloodborne. Here we go over basically everything else I felt like talking about. I’ll link Part 1 here but hopefully you enjoy the thrilling conclusion to this two-part series. Boss Design This game has by far, my least favorite bosses of any of the non-Dark...

Thoughts on Bloodborne: Bathing in the blood of beasts (Part 1)

I love From Software’s various souls games-excluding Dark Souls 2 I really like all of them and I’ve managed to beat every single one including Dark Souls 2. So you can imagine my sadness and frustration when I learned that Bloodborne-a game with an amazing trailer that immediately caught my attention-was going t...

Let’s Make a Game – Episode 16 (Up and Atom)

Gonna need to keep streaming! It won’t be long until YouTube is caught up with my Twitch stuff!

Let’s Make a Game – Episode 15 (Up and Atom)

Gonna need to keep streaming! It won’t be long until YouTube is caught up with my Twitch stuff!

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