Using Restream to get around Spectrum Internet

Howdy! It’s been a while, I’m currently working on rebuilding the website so that it doesn’t take half a century to load a page. This has been moderately debilitating as it means I don’t really want to add more content until I fix this issue.

But I did want to talk today real quick about full disclosure I am doing this in part because of a contest they are holding but what I am about to tell you is entirely factual and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

I’ve been trying to stream for the better part of a couple years now and for the most part it has been pretty terrible. Spectrum has given me no help and my upload speeds are wildly inconsistent. To make things even worse it looks like they are actively trying to block twitch.

So what is a poor fool to do? Well, I stumbled upon restream a few months ago and thought to myself “Hang on a minute. If Spectrum is blocking Twitch…perhaps I can get around that with this?” I thought of restream as something akin to a VPN.

Is it like a VPN? I couldn’t say, that would be up for the restream staff. But I went from losing a rather enormous percent of my frames to generally 1% or less. We are talking a reduction from 1 in 4 frames at best being lost to 1 in 100 at worst. This for me has been profound. I’m not a prolific streamer, nor am I particularly engaging, but I want people to be able to see what I’m producing!

So here we are. If you are using Spectrum, you’ve probably noticed it is a hot pile of garbage. I recommend checking out restream. The version I use is free, so I’m not trying to sell you something. As an aside I’ve had middling success with the chat bot for it. Not because it doesn’t work, indeed it works great! It just turns out I really never want to know what people on YouTube care to comment.

That’s uh, not really a restream problem. Though it would be nice if there was some bot features for quickly banning people via commands. Perhaps there is? I’m just now realizing I haven’t checked.

At any rate, yeah. Website coming along. Restream is pretty great. And I’m not yet dead.

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