Alright! I’m sick as a dog but I wanted to chat about Sekiro for a bit. It looks like my copy has shipped and will be arriving on Friday. That means I won’t be playing it until after work.

So why did I order it in the first place? In the past I platinumed Bloodborne but that was out of spite. I was tired of people acting like it was a hard game and that overcoming it made them better than other folks. I ended up liking it over time but it has some serious flaws that I could someday discuss.

What would come after that is Dark Souls 3 for me. That game I mostly liked from beginning to end. The only major exception being the online multiplayer. In every From game I’ve played now (including DS1) the multiplayer is incredibly annoying.

I feel like these games use fighting game netcode or something like that. The end result is that your opponent is often teleporting about and you die before you even see something hit you. I find that deeply frustrating.

So imagine my surprise when I hear that Sekiro won’t have multiplayer? Assuming that is still the case I’m pretty excited! Sekiro removes the weakest part of the previous games! But then, news states that stats are gone. Initially this bothered me but I realize that really all it did was slow the game down.

That to me is the true essence of From games. I don’t think they are hard so much as they are slow. The moment you have the right build you can melt through all of the content.

Without stats that means we get to see From actually flex their talent. To show us if what they create is actually challenging or largely just a dps check.

I’m interested. Ultimately what really got me to preorder it was the visuals. That’s a rare feat. Usually I don’t take into account a game looking stunning but what I’ve seen of Sekiro certainly managed it.

I guess I’ll be finding out after work.

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