First Impressions: Sekiro

Holy cow! As I stated in my previous post about Sekiro, I wasn’t exactly expecting to be blown away. I saw the trailer and thought the game looked very nice and the music sounded good.

But here we are! That was an incredible two hours. The first impressions of this game are almost entirely positive. Firstly the game looks just as stunning as I expected, probably moreso. The age of the bullshot is so ubiquitous that I’m always pleased to see the same final level of fidelity.

The character you play as is very mysterious and interesting. A somewhat disgraced Shinobi that seems battered and broken. Even before things go off the rails. The introductory cutscene is visceral and intense. Honestly they get you ramped up from the word go.

And yet it is a nice slow experience. Calming in a way. Your enemies are largely humans so it can be hard to know who is a mook and who might just smack your head off. I love this feeling.

The speed of your character is unreal as well. The grappling hook is fantastic and its implementation is sublime. I can’t complain about it at all.

About the only thing in Sekiro that has me confused for now is the controls. They aren’t bad in my opinion but I’ve been playing a lot of games lately with conflicting controls. This is more of a muscle memory problem than anything else.

If you are interested in watching any of my first two hours the video should be at the top of this post.

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