First Book of 2019

Oof! It is easily too cold in this house for once. My hands are so cold that I’m having a bit of trouble typing. That’s fine though, I don’t plan to write an enormous amount today. Any habit that is worth having will take time to build up. Similarly I bet that any habit that is easily gained is probably not worth having. Mostly because something is making it easy. Something in the cycle is aiding it along. This is usually some kind of positive feedback. A game telling you that you are fantastic, the jingle of a loot box, or the high of a chemical. Most great habits don’t provide these hits in real time. They provide them in slow drips over a long period of time.

My plans for this week are rather simple. Continue cleaning up the house and getting various tasks done that were left open over the year. On Thursday I’ll be getting a physical journal that I can then use to document my life. I’m hoping that this will help with my memory and help me build better habits. If I notice that I’m feeling exceptionally bad I can look at my journal and see if there is a pattern. I won’t be shocked if it comes down to not enough water and not enough sleep. But you never know, there are so many things impacting us in our day to day. By cutting out most of the internet I’m at least able to reduce variables which is ideal.

Once I find the issues I can then address them. I’m currently trying to treat the symptoms, but in the end I need to treat the disease, possibly diseases.

So what then for tonight? Seeing as I’ve got a few more days until I can start journaling? Well I’m going to start reading We have No Idea by Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson.

I will get back to you on whether or not this is a good book. You’ll know pretty quickly if I start writing articles or making videos about unknowns. As it stands, much like the book, I too have no idea!

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