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Atomically speaking

I have no idea how long it will take me to get this website up and running. I find that it can be very difficult as I get older to write just about anything. I don’t know what it is. A fogginess sets in that is just ridiculously difficult to wash away. The most interesting motivator for this website is that my favorite advertising service, Project Wonderful, is dying. That means that I won’t have a passive income source unless I choose a less savory option like Google. I’m not really interested in that. Tracking people is something I find pretty, well, again unsavory. I don’t need to know why somebody has stumbled across this website I just like that they did.

The reason for Project Wonderful’s demise is that Social Media has killed the blogging space. I suppose that makes sense. Everyone is more interested in a quick, throwaway, tweet or instagram. Facebook in particular has consumed most online socializing. Whenever someone has an idea or a product they create a Facebook page and get caught up in the endless hamster wheel that is Facebook’s monetization model.

I’m not really interested in that. I want the value that I create and the things that I make to be mine. I want every minute I put into my writing and other projects to be something that isn’t simply increasing the bottom line of some other actor. So will this make me any money? Probably not. I’m more interested in seeing if I ever get this thing built up in such a way that I take it out of coming soon mode. That remains to be seen.

Beyond that how well will it actually be collected into Google? The Facebook of surfing the web. I sometimes wonder if Google sucking is partly why social networks are so popular. The internet has been made into such an incredibly tiny place now. You connect the entire world and nearly everyone seems to congregate in a dozen or so places. Wild, really, given that there is no way that that many people share interests that come close to jiving.

Ah well! This finally gives me a post to test off of while I build. If you find yourself someday reading this, welcome, if not, no harm done.

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