Dishonored 2 gets beta patch for PC issues

Dishonored 2 released last week, and immediately PC gamers noted that the game had severe issues, which is unfortunate to say the least given how excited some people were to give the game a go-yours truly included. Well as of right now, the game has a beta patch out on steam which will hopefully deal with issues that the game is having. Honestly, I’m really excited to tear into this game after a week or so of waiting, but the game coming out in this state is bothersome to me. PC versions of games being horrendously bad isn’t a new thing and there’s been some notable examples of that these past few years, but this combined with Bethesdas new no pre-release review copies policy leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I would have rather stomached a delay rather than have this game come out in a poor state-especially considering that a reward for preordering the game on steam was getting it a day early its just odd all around. Still, hopefully the games ready to go sooner than later-I’ll see about getting thoughts on it out as I tear into it.

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