It's uh...the cat's meow?

This is shaping up to be a strange year. The Political Machine is in full swing and it is a sight to behold. Well, not that political machine, but the real one. Obviously you aren’t here to read about that and I’m not interested in telling you. Instead, I want to talk about what has become something of a guilty pleasure for me lately! Politicat!

The Endless Campaign!

As with any clicker, Politicat tasks you with climbing a seemingly infinite staircase. You start out running for Class President, something I’ve actually done before (Well, for a class, not the class). With your eventual goal being basically supreme commander of Earth. It’s an admirable goal that I imagine a lot of people have shot for in the past.

Each run involves you raising increasingly more ridiculous amounts of campaign funds. This will require you to take on all sorts of different staff along the way. While you and your opponents are all adorable animals with even more adorable puns, your staff and indeed the people voting for you are all humans.

So does this game suggest that someday soon we’ll all be voting for nothing but animals? No longer able to trust the actions of man? Maybe.

Puns of Fun.

Politicat is rife with jokes. There are puns out the wazoo and I’d have it no other way. Clicker games are notoriously simple going all the way back to cookie clicker. Where they all shine is in their theming. I’ve played some clickers that had no heart and it was an agonizing slog that I quickly abandoned.

You won’t find that here. The artwork is absolutely stellar. I don’t know who did the drawings for this game but I’d love to get them to draw my own cats. Especially considering this game’s surprising omission of a white calico? One of the mechanics in this game involves gathering celebrity support (which is something actually done in politics, strangely). Whether you are supported by the Notorious C.A.T. or perhaps Catalie Portman has joined the fray, the list seems fairly ample and I always get a chuckle when I unlock someone new.

Whenever your cat is giving a speech it will have an adorable little meow. The downside to being able to hear this is that there is also a SFX that plays whenever you “complete” a zone. When you get enough upgrades this can happen nearly once a second (perhaps more) and it can be very grating. As always I wish this game had ample audio settings but that’s just something I don’t really see anymore in any game.

Monetization Model and Mechanics?

As I said before, this game features the same basic clicker gameplay elements as most games. You can click the screen to earn “votes” which, after a sufficient number are attained, will convert into a big boost in revenue. The actual people visiting your rallies will also occasionally offer up cash directly.

You can hire staffers that’ll automatically generate revenue. These staffers can be upgraded through a few different systems which’ll lead to them having more perks and sometimes impacting not only themselves but your entire team. You can also purchase upgrades to yourself which act as powerups for things like automatic clicking for X seconds or even a massive boost to your cashflow.

The previously mentioned celebrity support will give you permanent boosts to clicks and/or staff performance. There are even achievements which will net you in game currency both premium and regular. The actual premium currency is relatively plentiful and the monetization in this game is very friendly. You can play the entire time without much hassle. It rarely even mentions that you can spend money in it. I haven’t yet but I am sorely tempted to support them.

If you do get the urge to support them but don’t want to spend money they’ve got a premium wheel that’ll give you a 2x-4x bonus to all your resource generation. This is huge and it only asks that you watch a terrible 30 second advertisement of Game of War. Maybe someday there will be other ads but when you are the top dog I suppose you own the advertising space. For what it is worth, don’t play Game of War.

Additionally they’ve recently added in a neat competition mechanic where you can race your friends (and strangers) to get the furthest in the game in a set amount of time. Depending on how far you get you’ll get permanent upgrades to random staffers and premium currency. This is super cool and gives a strong incentive to restart your game (which is actually good, a lot of people don’t do this in clickers and lose out on long term benefits).

A Fine Time.

I’m not generally a mobile game person but I’ve found myself really enjoying this. It’s a cute experience that does a great job of giving me a smirk here or there. Its simple and clean interface helps keep you focused on the cute cat rather than the numbers game. Plus there are even long term account improvement mechanics like costumes and the previously mentioned upgrades. This all goes a long way to help give the game some staying power.

If you are looking for a nice free experience that won’t treat you like garbage for being free, this is probably a good place to start. Plus its one of those rare times where I can review something and not get you wondering if I’m doing it for some affiliate revenue. Unless, that is, R2Games wants to get in touch?

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