Commute Communion #10 – Procrastination

It’s been a while. No longer do I need to write these on a small phone screen. Now I’ve got a handy dandy surface pro 4 to handle the heavy load. Typing on an actual keyboard, even these fascinating keyboard covers, is so much more pleasant than the touchscreen keyboards of pure touch devices.

I also appreciate that this type cover hooks in magnetically in both directions so that I can keep it attached with keys inward if I want to use the device like a tablet. I imagine there will come a time when I find something I don’t like about the surface, but for now I am coming up empty.

Onto the topic at hand. Procrastination is a peculiar creature. The habit of pushing off things that would most certainly create a more positive life experience for sometimes no alternative at all. Staring off into space or thinking about the random menagerie that is our past. Anything to avoid actually accomplishing something.

Accomplishments still do seem to just kind of happen. I find it difficult to completely shut off the productive side of my being. I’ve been trying to eat more, work out more, and finish more of my games. All of these things I’m having relatively good success with.

But the actual tasks that I most desire to finish are the ones that I put the least amount of effort into currently. It’s peculiar, a word that I use so often I begin to wonder if its even accurate anymore. If I find so much of the world peculiar then perhaps it is not the world that is peculiar but me? The odds seem much more in favor of that conclusion than alternatives.

I might try metering out my life a bit better. See if I can create a framework that allows me to dawdle as I do but also accomplish things. For instance, we are still walking, but I haven’t been updating our challenge posts about it. That seems silly, I should get back on that.

Perhaps if I find a strategy that works I can discuss it. The odds that any of us are truly unique is pretty low, which means its not silly to assume that someone or someones out there are sharing my same plight. In one way or another we are all connected. Not in the metaphysical or spiritual senses (I may have just repeated myself) but in the more literal routes. Various pains, diseases, social issues, even simpler things like dietary complaints or entertainment preferences.

The webs of our lives interconnect, each point splitting off in a multitude of new directions. Some of those strands that connect us are long and thin, almost incomprehensibly weak, and others are thick and trunk like. This isn’t anything that I think is nuanced or otherwise inspirational, just thinking out loud (but not really).

Regardless of whether or not this becomes a service to anyone will largely be moot. I need to keep on top of writing just like I need to keep on top of working out. I can’t afford to let myself atrophy. The entropy is working without end to tear me apart. Just as it is attempting to tear you apart. I say attempt but it is most certainly achieving that thoughtless goal.

Any action in life that can push against the tide of entropy is likely a good one. Which is a topic I might cover sometime, probably won’t, but who knows, miracles have been known to happen (in Dark Souls).

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