The ever lengthening reach of exhaustion.

I was going to write about some ideas I have for the future of wow today. But my brain decided otherwise. It’s a remarkable thing once I start getting tired. I’m sure this is similar for other people but obviously I’m not inside of other people’s minds. I’ll be sitting here feeling all sorts of gravy and then it’ll hit me like a Mack truck. My eyes go from functional tools to heavily weighted obstructions. I strain my muscles to keep them open.

My body is likely furious that I don’t just go to sleep. “Dude, I’ve made the signs pretty obvious, go to bed.” I might start listening. I won’t start today, naturally, but perhaps tomorrow. Looking back on that sentence now I can’t help but see the connections with addiction. “I’ll stop smoking, tomorrow. I can quit any time I want.”

Not much else to say. Enjoy the goat above.

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