Video recording on little sleep.

Man am I tired. Played a new game today from my backlog. A telltale game called “Hector”. My experience was pretty terrible. A half hour in and I just couldn’t go anymore. It didn’t help that Artemis woke me up at 7 am this morning. I am absolutely dying right now. The little intro I did for today’s video was barely worth the effort because I was falling back into my chair. That’s fine though. I’m interested to see how these improve. If I keep this up I’m looking at a few hundred videos. It’ll be interesting to see how they go from video 1 to video 500+.

Either way I’ll FINALLY have played these blasted games. Again, still got other reviews to put up and some guides to write. But for now I’m gonna phase out because my brain is ruined right now. Here is hoping Artemis can be good tonight.

The video will be done uploading in about 80 minutes or so. Was hoping to get it up on Monday but our upload speeds are terrible.

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