He who can create coarse sand will dominate the world’s economy.

Yes, I know, patriarchy and all that. Feel free to put “she”. English needs a nice short (2 letter ideally) word for genderless but singular peoples. With that out of the way I’d like to forward your eyes to this wired article. I wasn’t aware that something as ubiquitous as sand was resulting in the deaths of people. To think that we as a species have gotten to the point where we can consume too much sand.

Sand…that little granule that seems more than happy to hide in our butts. When we talk about stars we compare them to grains of sand because of just how many there are. But we’ve hit a breaking point as a species. Sand is officially getting mind into oblivion in some places. You might wonder how this can be with the various land deserts, like the Sahara, filled with more sand than the human mind can possibly fathom.

The reason comes down to erosion. Sand eroded as that on the beach ends up being very coarse and it clings together better during processing. Sand eroded by the air, like you’d find in a desert, is smooth and apparently a complete shit show to meld together for modern practice. So in this point I think we’ve discovered what will be one of the greatest discoveries of our age. Much like someone developing a fool proof and efficient means of converting salt water into clean water, I think another world changing moment will be when someone discovers a way to turn the smooth sands of the desert into the coarse sands of the beach.

Cheaply and in great quantities. We could eat away at the beaches, this I can believe, but the idea that we could ever drain away the Sahara is beyond unbelievable. Especially as we utterly destroy the climate (resulting in more desert).

Like the universe of Dune. The spice must flow, and in the case of Earth, that spice is sand.

Mark my words. The person who figures this out will be rich and powerful beyond all reason. Presuming they patent the invention.

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