The Art Vs. The Architecture.

  Seeing as I am no longer seeing my food moments after eating it I feel it is better now than later to update you on my upcoming essay. With structures like Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim I’m going to ask the question of just which triumphs, does an exquisite museum take away from the artwork within?

  I’m going to be examining the evolution of the environment and its connection with the ever increasing eloquence in museum construction. Where once you merely needed to look like a roman structure to grasp the attention of passers by we now are in a world surrounded by flashing lights and endless stimulation.

   I’m hoping to prove through supporting evidence that structures like the Guggenheim are necessities when attempting to bring in viewers (which ultimately fuel the survival of the Museum). Hopefully the entire 10 page essay should be finished by next Monday, at the very least I’ll have 5 pages done. Good times indeed.

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