No Pain, No Loss

  I often wonder about pain. As someone who did very poor on his rotation during a few years of martial arts training I have a pretty consistent pain in my knees. Top that with the seemingly endlessly pinched nerve in my hip and I have all sorts of pain being sent to my brain.

  But I’m left with questions, my pain tells me that something is wrong, but it is so vague that I cannot discern what operation would be best. Should the region be kept active to accelerate healing or should it be relaxed to lessen damage till the healing finishes. Is this pain likely to become a life threatening condition or is it merely a discomfort. I am left with an endless flow of data that makes no effort to cease and yet provides me with no new information.

  Basically the cheapest car you’ll ever own will be able to tell you what is wrong with it, even if it is one of a few things it’ll still be specific enough to get it fixed. If this simple mechanic can be dropped into even the crappiest of cars, why on Earth has it not made it to organisms?

  To me this would be one of the most helpful evolutionary traits one could possibly have. If you knew exactly what was wrong with you then you would have the best opportunity to fix the issue. Admittedly it would only be helpful with primates and humans since most other animals couldn’t articulate well enough to heal their injuries most times.

  However it is a blaring issue I have with the ideas of humans being sculpted, if personal computers were so poor at articulating their problems (giving you the exact same report for absolutely any error possible) nobody would own one. Even when we joke and say they are vague a single google search can help even the most inept person figure out what is wrong and even how to fix it. However you can only wildly guess what is wrong with you through tools such as webMD. We essentially have ‘dull pains’ and ‘sharp pains’ and that is it. It is the most useless binary to ever exist that I’ve known.

  How completely inept would a being have to be to develop such a terrible system of data transfer? Our brains can defuse insanely complicated puzzles and yet the simple information of “bruised vein” can’t travel from my arm to my brain through (essentially) the same electrical processes.

  Pain is a failed experiment and serves very limited service, if the damage isn’t on the surface you can roll a dice on what is wrong with you. Is that a random chest pain or are you having a heart attack? Well we’ll know in about 10 minutes now won’t we.

  Nonsense I tell you…utter nonsense.

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