We all are living in the past.

  Something that has recently hit me was that nothing is instant. You will hear “It’s basically instant” but basically doesn’t pay the bills. Everything from the firings of nerves to the brain to the things you see take at the very least a nanosecond. It doesn’t seem like much but it brings up some interesting points.

  When we look at the stars we make the point that what we are seeing at any one point could indeed no longer exist, exploding brilliantly millions of years in the past and we are merely waiting to be informed. But everyday our lives are bundled into a bit of hope, for a nanosecond (or even a few nanoseconds) we are hoping that the person in front of us still exists. Sound travels even slower than light and so for a very small portion of time we are living in utter ignorance.

  Much like your hand recoils before you even feel the pain (since the process routes through your spine and be glad that it does) you are taking for granted that a few nanoseconds ago is the same as now. Indeed when the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs hit they had absolutely no idea for a large radius around ground zero that anything had happened. They were obliterated with such speed and force that before they could even feel the pain, see the flash, or sense anything they were dead and gone. Blasted into atomic leftovers (possibly worse, I’m not a physicist).

  So the next time you look at something, the next time you feel something. Take a moment. You are forever living in the literal past, a few nanoseconds behind the physical universe. You could very literally be dead before you know it. It’s not all bad though, at least we are catching up to what has already happened. Imagine if we were a few nanoseconds up and on the line of time, we’d be jumping into something even the universe hasn’t worked out yet (but before you know it it already has).

  So yes, we are all living in the past. Albeit a fantastically small bit in the past, basically negligible, however basically doesn’t pay the bill but in case of ground zero impact you at least don’t have the misfortune of even knowing you no longer exist ;).

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