Unplugging and taking a Breath

There is something a bit nice about having a personal website. I would like to see this thing grow but I can also just leave it at any time. That lack of pressure is very important in the modern day. I’m more and more looking at the connected nature of the world and thinking it might not be su...

Eternally in Progress

Well it looks like we are now live. I’ve been working on this website for a bit now. I wouldn’t say we are where I want to be but we are somewhere. In the coming weeks I’m hoping to polish off whatever I don’t like and have this be the one stop shop for everything I’m i...

The Zero Maxim

The human brain is a tricky thing. We routinely overestimate our danger in situations that aren’t all that dangerous and underestimate our danger in things that are surprisingly dangerous. This isn’t a real surprise to anyone and I’m sure if you are reading this you’ve alread...

Goliath Online

I have no idea how long it will take me to get this website up and running. I find that it can be very difficult as I get older to write just about anything. I don’t know what it is. A fogginess sets in that is just ridiculously difficult to wash away. The most interesting motivator for this w...


Why it is so difficult to have a Utopia.

A quick musing on why its just so gosh darn difficult to have a pleasant world.

Rico Reviews – The Last Jedi

It isn’t often that I write anymore. Not a big deal, I’m going to start working on it again and see if I can get to something close to functional. T...[Read More]

Thoughts on Bloodborne Part Two: Our eyes are yet to open

Last time we went over the mechanical and gameplay aspects of Bloodborne. Here we go over basically everything else I felt like talking about. I’ll link Part 1 ...[Read More]

Thoughts on Bloodborne: Bathing in the blood of beasts (Part 1)

I love From Software’s various souls games-excluding Dark Souls 2 I really like all of them and I’ve managed to beat every single one including Dark Souls...[Read More]

Lets Make Game – Episode 29 (Fap Masters)

Gonna need to keep streaming! It won’t be long until YouTube is caught up with my Twitch stuff!

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