Picko! – A Game Picking Game! [HFLM P2E1]

Are you sitting on hundreds of games and no idea which one to play? Well look no further. In a few more episodes I will have finished Picko and you’ll be able to download it and get your pick on! This first pass is definitely not best practices. These are almost all the worst practices. But over the course of about two hours I have the skeleton fully functional. Tomorrow I can go about polis...[Read More]

Battle for Azeroth broke me a tiny bit.

The Past… I would imagine that most people who know me also know that I am a pretty big Blizzard fan. While I don’t play most of their games anymore I do really appreciate the quality therein. I really enjoyed my time with Starcraft II, yes all three parts. Sure the highest difficulty single player content was terribly designed but that was optional and everything below it was great. D...[Read More]

Cities: Skylines – Creating Lizzyshire! [HFLP G7E1]

This video is almost two hours long, so it might not be done rendering by the time you see this!

First Book of 2019

Oof! It is easily too cold in this house for once. My hands are so cold that I’m having a bit of trouble typing. That’s fine though, I don’t plan to write an enormous amount today. Any habit that is worth having will take time to build up. Similarly I bet that any habit that is easily gained is probably not worth having. Mostly becauseĀ somethingĀ is making it easy. Something in th...[Read More]

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 [HFLC #32]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Clearing Challenges! [HFLP G6E3]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Dark World Puzzles [HFLP G6E2]

Hey, Folks! Live Stream – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Finally have all the fighters! [HFLP G6E1]

Pretty happy to finally have them all. Now just a matter of not being terrible with nearly all of them!

“We Fit Together” – Working on Watches! [HFLM P1E6]

“We Fit Together” – Error and Scene Cleanup! [HFLM P1E5]

Unboxing the Marvel Collector Corps “First Ten Years”

Random Ramblings [HFLC #31]

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