Unplugging and taking a Breath

There is something a bit nice about having a personal website. I would like to see this thing grow but I can also just leave it at any time. That lack of pressure is very important in the modern day.

I’m more and more looking at the connected nature of the world and thinking it might not be super great. Perhaps we should wait a little bit before we get information. I had similar thoughts as a kid when looking at cars. Humans weren’t built to handle thinking at high speeds with a heavy contraption around them.

But we did it anyways and while it provides some conveniences I think that building a society around trains and walking from central stopping points would have been a much better design.

Cleaner air, less time spent commuting, and outside of needing delivery vehicles you would drastically reduce oil consumption globally.

That isn’t where we went. And it is unlikely we’ll ever go there. The new decision has been the rise of news across the internet. At first it seemed pretty slick to me. You could learn about everything happening everywhere at any second. But over time it starts to just consume you.

The brain seems to be a sponge for information. And much like an eating disorder it will consume far beyond its means and the end result is incredibly negative. Most of that information is lost but at least for me the emotional impact is retained. All that bad news just builds and builds until I’m struggling to remain positive.

That’s not a life worth living to me. It doesn’t matter if you are the most well informed person in the world if you are so miserable you can barely get up in the morning. I think back when information had some time to stew it was better.

I think of it a bit like meat. If you are looking for the tastiest meal you’ll want to cook it nice and slow. If you rapidly cook meat it’ll often be overcooked on the outside and nearly raw on the inside. Our current information sources are both overcooked and unsafe.

At a glance it all looks good. You see the crispiness you desire, that nice texturing around the edges. But once you bite into the core it is ice cold.

I can’t live that life and I don’t think most people should. Obviously I’m not the guy that forces my will upon others. I’m only able to speak my mind. If anyone takes it to heart that is up to them.

Slow down. Unplug sometimes. Ever since I started taking an hour or two to just unwind without any distractions I’ve become happier. I still have a long way to go but fixing a decade or two of over stimulation takes time.

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