Eternally in Progress

Well it looks like we are now live. I’ve been working on this website for a bit now. I wouldn’t say we are where I want to be but we are somewhere.

In the coming weeks I’m hoping to polish off whatever I don’t like and have this be the one stop shop for everything I’m interested in, working on, or whatever else.

Currently I’m missing featured images for old archived posts from previous websites. Once that is done the older content will feel a bit more official.

Why keep archives? In the modern era where people get torn apart for what they’ve said or done a decade before, I’m still pretty fond of keeping content. It is interesting to see the old me, to see where I was and where I’ve come.

You never know if your trajectory is positive or negative until you are well along the path. Without reference points I’ll only ever have a part of the image.

Anywho! I can’t say I agree with anything I’ve ever written but sometimes it is fun to jump back and look at it. Nostalgia is a strange thing, I suppose this is me combining nostalgia with some level of narcissism perhaps.

No idea, but I digress, here we are!

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