Learning Python

Holy cow. It’s been a while since I’ve tried to learn a new language. Have you ever glanced at Python? This is a beast of a language, pun both not and actually intended.


Just, damn. That’s terrifying. Luckily, Visual Studio can handle Python. I’ve yet to figure out how to create a Python project with VS but it’ll come in the next day or two. But the difference between that terrifying chunk above and this below is night and day to me.


Now this?! This I can read. Look at that beautiful color coding and separation between different types of code. I’m shocked that folks got anything done before programs like visual studio. It’s just a consistently less pleasant experience.

I remember back to the little bit of time I spent coding things in Ragnarok. Waiting until compile time to see if it actually worked or not. These days? You can find out darn near instantly whether or not you’ve bamboozled yourself.

It’s a pleasant experience. I’m going to start posting about my adventures in python as I learn more. Maybe we’ll make a stream out of it. The end goal being a Python Bot that hosts people at specific times (PST) for Twitch.

Wish me luck! Or…don’t. No pressure. Gotta relax for 2018.

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