Welcome to 31, now I’m ready for primetime.

Against all odds I appear to have gotten older again. Technically, I suppose, I’ve always been getting older. That said I feel like people experience an extra special oldness when they hit a birthday. These not-entirely-arbitrary checkpoints in our lives. You don’t get an awful lot of them currently, a generation or two ahead of me there are going to be far more birthdays to be had than I’m going to have. Unless science really loses its shit, which I wouldn’t mind. I still wouldn’t be unhappy to sail the stars. Even if that journey took an unreasonably long time. I feel like it could be an incredible experience.

Shame about space being all gungho on wanting to kill us all. Really rude, space. And no, I’m not going to capitalize it, space needs to mind its manners better.

I’m about to begin another journey for the next three hundred and sixty five or so days. I’d like to get back into writing…or at least creating in some fashion. Every single day I’m going to make a goal of doing something. Anything to keep life interesting and to keep each day having some kind of purpose. Even if that creating is a short blurb on my latest thoughts, or a video of me wasting time. The worst thing that I could do at this point is nothing I feel. I was reminded recently that this website does actually reach folks. I got an email from someone on the topic of cognitive biases. Well confirmation bias specifically I think it was. That was a very exciting moment for me. I still need to read their full article on the topic but that’s something I can add to the list for this week.

Additionally if you are following me on YouTube, you’ll see that I’m uploading videos again. Are they good? I don’t know! But they are there. I’m doing something and I think that’s not too bad. And beyond that I’ve been streaming to Twitch lately. Can’t say I expect to corner any of these markets but that’s fine. I won’t be any less remembered than a lot of congress people. It’s strange how high up in the world you can get and be not only unknown in life but all-but-forgotten in death. The majority of musicians, artists, world leaders, they all vanish into obscurity for darn near everyone else on the planet.

So being a nobody isn’t too bad. Really it’s more common than I think a lot of people give credit. Big rock or small, it won’t be long before the ripples it leaves return to stillness in the pond of life. And if we ever find ourselves dropping a rock into that pond hard enough to displace the water forever I don’t think anyone will really be left to remember either.

Anyways. The next step in my plan is to build a weekly schedule. What can be expected each day. I’m thinking about reading at least once a week, writing at least once a week, streaming at least once a week, and working out multiple times a week. I just need to schedule these things to help myself keep up with them. If I don’t have a plan I’m naught but a leaf in the breeze. Carried by the whims of the world around me.

Also, while we are on the topic of change. We are on that topic right? Whatever, I need to finally update the main page of this website. It’s been the same old thing for a thousand years. This theme has far too much utility to be used in such a blaze manner. (Uh, Rico, it’s blasé. But you didn’t write that because you didn’t know how to make that fancy ass e).

Happy Birthday to me. We’ll come back in a year and see if at 32 I managed. Judging by how life has been going we’ll be there in the blink of an eye.

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