Month: August 2017

Cloudy with a Chance of Thinking

There are fewer worse ideas in the writing world than to do it late at night. Your brain with little sleep is about as useful as a brain on alcohol or some other illicit drug. Even when you feel like you are having an epiphany the resulting text is usually just a smattering of low energy nonsense. That said, I didn’t finish my original goal for today which was to have my new front page finis...[Read More]

Editorial: Musings on opinions and discussions

Opinions are a tricky thing-especially in something with as many moving parts as a video game one can find a massive gulf in the opinions on any given game, its mechanics or its visuals and this can lead to a thought provoking discussion….or sometimes just spiral into bitter debates. I touched on this idea in my review scores blog but I thought it might be something worth expanding on in its own b...[Read More]

A Few Destiny 2 Beta and Kingdom Battle Thoughts

Today has been a fun day for video gaming. I played through most of the beta for Destiny 2 and put a few hours into Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It’s interesting to me that both of these games are beautiful in their own way. Destiny 2 takes an approach to realism that really makes me happy I bought my new GPU. It ran at a solid 144 FPS with all the particle effects seeming to jump off the...[Read More]

Exceptional Primes and the Number 31

I’m a bit tired. So I’m going to mention a project I’m thinking about tackling in unity sometime. Why Unity? Well because I like doing shit in it. I could probably make this in something much smaller. Anyways, let’s get into the finer details. As mentioned in the title of the previous post, my age is now a prime number. It will not be prime again until I am 37. But that got...[Read More]

Welcome to 31, now I’m ready for primetime.

Against all odds I appear to have gotten older again. Technically, I suppose, I’ve always been getting older. That said I feel like people experience an extra special oldness when they hit a birthday. These not-entirely-arbitrary checkpoints in our lives. You don’t get an awful lot of them currently, a generation or two ahead of me there are going to be far more birthdays to be had tha...[Read More]

Editorial: Super Mario Bros: The Movie

I am a man who loves him some good-bad movies; I’ve formed a group around watching them and I attempt to get this group whipped together at least once every two weeks. It’s something I deeply enjoy doing and I figured that I would dive into that by looking at a movie that holds a very special place in my instance of this long-standing tradition. This was actually the first good-bad movie I was abl...[Read More]

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