Month: January 2017

Social Networking is Terribly Flawed.

Not too long ago I uninstalled Twitter and Facebook from my phone. That’s not a big deal, I’m not expecting any kind of shock or awe from anyone reading. It’s more of a foundation for this post as a whole. Basically I’ve come to the conclusion that Social Networking, as it is currently designed, will err on the side of negativity. That’s not inherently a problem. Nega...[Read More]

Upcoming Game Releases | January 2017

It has occurred to me in the past that I have no idea what games are coming out most months. It is time to rectify that and bring you all with me into the future! Near the beginning of every month I’m going to list out the upcoming games (generally in order) with a video and perhaps some of my thoughts on them if I have any. As a caveat I’m usually not going to include ports. Unless I start having...[Read More]

Rico’s Games of the Year (2016)

I generally feel like there is some level of pressure to have surprises on a GOTY list. I’m gonna be flat out with you, you won’t be finding any of those today (I imagine). The structure will be pretty simple, first I’m listing all the games I played this year. It’s not super diverse in 2016 but there are a fair number of games on this list that I really enjoyed. The ones I...[Read More]

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