DOOM Soundtrack released for purchase

As you may be aware, DOOM is so far sitting pretty as one of my favorite games of the year and no small part of that is its great soundtrack by Mick Gordon who has worked on Wolfenstein: The New Order and the new Killer Instinct. Well after a few months of waiting around, the soundtrack has released to the Google Play Store and Itunes and its darn good. Most of the songs have gotten some adjustments to be more standalone, and there’s even some voice logs from the game proper that I find help build the albums tone and improve the experience overall. I think its a great, brutal metal soundtrack that fits perfectly with the game it was written for, and I’m happy that Bethesda soundtracks are actually available for purchase moreso than even a year or two ago. Personally I would recommend the soundtrack whether or not you’ve gotten the game as well as testing it on youtube to see if its for you and I would recommend checking out this series to see how he went about making the music.

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