Month: October 2016

Nintendo NX unveiled, named Nintendo Switch

Welp, after months of teasing gamers with little crumbs and many leaks of possible forms the system could take, the NX has been unveiled. Personally I was a bit surprised by the system-it actually looks pretty well made and it has some interesting value due to its portable features. The portable component and its controllers that slide on and off are interesting as well, with cartridges making the...[Read More]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Released

Welp, as Rockstar has been teasing with a few pictures on their twitter, Red Dead Redemption 2 is indeed a real thing and has had a trailer released. To be honest, I think its a bit too short and unrepresentative to get really¬†excited over but even knowing that the trailer is probably really dolled up the basic skeleton looks intriguing. Here’s hoping for more information sooner than later, ...[Read More]

Sunless Sea First Impressions

Welp as I mused on previously, I have come into possession of Sunless Sea and slowly went about finding out what’s going on in it. After about 6 hours I feel that I have a good grip on whats going on with the game and I have some thoughts on how I feel about it. Also, somewhat amusingly, this is the second lovecraft inspired game I’ve given some first impressions on in a row-but hey I&...[Read More]

Early Thoughts | Dragon Quest Builders

I’ve finally finished the first chapter of Dragon Quest Builders. I’ve been playing it a few hours every night since release. When I first saw Builders I presumed it would be a fairly simple cashin on a popular formula with a popular franchise. Turns out I was wrong! I’ve been having a stupid good time with this game and it might be the best game of this genre that I’ve pla...[Read More]

Darkest Dungeon DLC announced

These past few weeks I’ve been picking at Darkest Dungeon like a festering scab, and eventually I’m probably going to get a review out once I best the titular dungeon itself but so far I am still enjoying it, with some reservations. Interestingly, it seems Red Hook is working on some more DLC named “The Crimson Court” for the game which will probably add some very interesti...[Read More]

DOOM Soundtrack released for purchase

As you may be aware, DOOM is so far sitting pretty as one of my favorite games of the year and no small part of that is its great soundtrack by Mick Gordon who has worked on Wolfenstein: The New Order and the new Killer Instinct. Well after a few months of waiting around, the soundtrack has released to the Google Play Store and Itunes and its darn good. Most of the songs have gotten some adjustmen...[Read More]

Inktober #3 | Sargeras Tomb Gargoyle

Holy shit. Well, I finished something. You might not notice it if you aren’t staring at the building but the front of the Tomb of Sargeras has a devilish looking smiling face on it. Naturally I took form that some of the surrounding structures and made this image from it. I’m playing around with some difference brush and layer types here. It’s still very light on details but you ...[Read More]

Inktober #2 | Sheilun, Staff of the Mists

Yesterday I spent a long time coloring in my drawing and Liz did her’s as a lineart. Today she spent a long time coloring her drawing and I did mine as a lineart. I’ve noticed that the longer an object is and the less of it I see at any given time the more trouble I have keeping things aligned. You’ll notice the staff is kind of jacked up, clearly I spent too much on it. I found ...[Read More]

Inktober #1 | Felo’melorn

I’m participating in Inktober this year. I’ve never done it before. I also haven’t been drawing in any serious capacity in a decade, possibly two. This is not something I’m saying to excuse the quality of the drawing. I don’t even think it needs to be excused. It’s more of a reminder to myself that I literally know nothing about this sort of thing. Shading, ligh...[Read More]

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