Month: July 2016

On the Sand Fire and Evacuating (PT. 1 of 2)

It’s a bit difficult for me to get my days in order currently. Saturday I thought our experience with the fire was over. I wrote as much. As Sunday began, so too did the shifting of the winds. At first the sky filled with grey smoke, that much hadn’t been so abnormal in the previous few days. But then it was met with black smoke, this was less ideal. Fresh fuel being burned at that ver...[Read More]

Watching the Sand Fire

The last few days have been very interesting. On Friday afternoon one of my friends at work suggested that I turn around. “Take a look at that.” He said. I turned, mostly in a daze from the 100+ degree weather that I had twice prior walked in that day. The sky was a deep brown, the edges glazed with amber. For a moment I reflected on the scale of the ashen cloud, and only after that mo...[Read More]

Review System Update Coming

I would like to get back into reviewing things more. And boy howdy…is there a lot! I believe there will be a shift in how I review things to better match who I am as a person. Currently the way I rate things is “Terrible Things, Bad Things, Okay Things, Good Things, and Great Things.” That’s ok…I suppose, but the problem is that I then have to explain how I classify t...[Read More]

Blizzard has definitely won me over with this patch.

The Day The Internet Comment Died

I never quite know which words I should capitalize in the title. I think most WordPress URL options just kinda do whatever they want anyways, and many themes carry on this tradition of ignoring the user’s whims. With that in mind, I suppose we’ll just say screw it and go with each word capitalized. I’ve decided tonight that I am done commenting on the internet. At least for the m...[Read More]

Wrestlemania IX – Aged like a cheap wine.

I’ve officially reached Wrestlemania IX, the first Wrestlemania since the rise of Monday Night RAW. I had thought that the most recent Wrestlemania was the worst I’ve ever seen. But I think this might have actually beaten it. So what I’m going to do is work down the list and talk about what I remember from watching last night. Technically the first match was Tito Santana Versus P...[Read More]

Monday Night Raw 1993 – So it begins.

I’ve started watching wrestling again. But not the most recent stuff, I don’t have time for that. No, no, I’ve started watching Raw from the first episode back on January 10th. I’m currently 6 episodes in, watching February 21st. I’ve watched the 1993 Royal Rumble and well. Here I am to talk about it a bit. The first thing we should address is that the wrestling perso...[Read More]

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