Month: May 2016

That thing you like is Garbage.

I frequent Destructoid (as you probably know if you are reading this), one of the most popular concessions made on the website is that your waifu, whoever she be, is trash. This profound discovery was first unearthed by Torchman and has since swept the website to be a well known fact of the universe. But much like the first raindrop before the flood, this is only the beginning. Did you know that e...[Read More]

Commute Communion #10 – Procrastination

It’s been a while. No longer do I need to write these on a small phone screen. Now I’ve got a handy dandy surface pro 4 to handle the heavy load. Typing on an actual keyboard, even these fascinating keyboard covers, is so much more pleasant than the touchscreen keyboards of pure touch devices. I also appreciate that this type cover hooks in magnetically in both directions so that I can...[Read More]

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