Month: April 2016

To Want, and To Dream

Somedays you just want to close off your work with something messy. A menagerie of, likely, someday embarrassing prose. These sort of things often feel like┬ámessy mixes of poor puncuation, weird grammar, and wanton disregard for capitalization. This one will be no different! I’m tempted to center it to get the full effect of my days on Livejournal. Anyways, written once, just kind of stream ...[Read More]

Commute Communion #9 – Walnuts, Almonds, and Water Cost

  Holy cow, I’ve read it from a number of sources now. I am still having trouble believing it. It takes nearly 5 gallons of water to make one walnut.   One.   That’s a staggering amount to me. Though I suppose it takes 3 gallons for a single tomato. Those are relatively juicy so you feel like they’ve retained a bit that didn’t evaporate.   Almonds take 1...[Read More]

Commute Communion #8 – Wrestlemania and Big Business

I’ll probably write about this more on a day where I’m not typing on a phone keyboard but this is something that has been poking at me for a bit. I watched all of the main Wrestlemania show and it was likely the worst 4 to 5 hours of wrestling I can remember. I watched a lot over the mid to late 90s and through 2002 or 2003. There were arcs that were bad but the content was pretty damn...[Read More]

Commute Communion #7 – Tesla

  It’s not really useful to predict future events, it’s a coin toss that winners brag about and loses conveniently stop referencing.   With that in mind let’s make some predictions! I’m incredibly interested to see what Tesla’s model 3 will do to the automotive industry. They already had massive preorders and I can see why! It’s a lovely car with, from...[Read More]

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