Month: March 2016

Commute Communion #6 – Mysteries

  The world of social networking is strange. I’ve been some small part of the beast but I still feel like an outsider just watching the mass writhe.   That isn’t to say the users are bad or wrong. Just that the wavelength at work is somewhat beyond me. Lynch mobs rise at the drop of a hat to destroy people off of a single, usually embellished, story.   I’ve watched...[Read More]

Commute Communion #5 – Progress and the 90/10

The forward momentum of any activity seems to follow a similar arc. It takes 10 percent of your abilities both mentally and physically to finish the first 90 percent. The last 10 percent takes 90 percent of your abilities. If you are exercising the first long stretch feels easy. But just before finishing it becomes agonizing. At least for me. There are exceptions as with anything. If you get into ...[Read More]

Commute Communion #4 – Commuting in LA

Life is strange. There are very few things in the realm of possibilities for my life that I found less likely than ending up in LA. It’s hot and dry with everything on offer being outside my interest. Outside of New York I can think of no popular US city that matches me less. Actually that’s not true, Vegas and likely Phoenix, but you get the spirit of the message. The weirdest part of...[Read More]

Commute Communion #3 – Fitness

There are three metamorphosis you can take with your body, at least as far as I can tell. The most common in the US, and maybe the world, is gaining weight. All you need to do to achieve this is eat lots of food. That’s pretty much it, exercise doesn’t really matter. Active or no, eating lots will likely lead to fat gain outside of extreme lifestyles. The second, which I feel is fairly...[Read More]

Commute Communion #2 – Marketing

I think I’ll start heading these. I like doing that, after all. I don’t know why but titles, subtitles, and all the little flourishes you can add just make me happy. They say to not judge a book by its cover, but I can at least enjoy it in its own right. I sometimes love the marketing and overarching ideas of things far more than the items themselves. Which I doubt is revolutionary to ...[Read More]

Commute Communion #1

I wonder how hard it is to write a post while in the car. I’m not driving, obviously. The first thing to note is my phone, the note. It’s too wide in landscape and too bulky in portrait with my flip case. Makes this an uncomfortable venture. However I’ve got 40 minutes a day I could be writing and I might as well nit waste it. Missed a lot of days this year but I’ve been bu...[Read More]

[MTG Thoughts] Elusive Tormenter is amazing.

I don’t play as much magic as I used to. It’s one of those things that can be somewhat expensive and I’m just not social enough to get my money’s worth most of the time. I do follow it pretty closely though. I’ve seen just about every card every printed and it is likely not too much exaggeration to say I’ve owned most of them at one time or another. But, man, th...[Read More]

[Early Thoughts] Clash Royale

When I first started playing this game I just wasn’t super impressed by the gameplay. Everywhere else was (and is) excellent. The UI design is top notch, the 99% Invisible Podcast would find this almost pornographic in its simplicity and intuitiveness. There are SOME buttons that mean nothing to me but they are also kind of stupid buttons that nobody wants to click anyways. I played the game...[Read More]

Monday Nights on Tuesday Night (Part 2 of 2)

I watched the last half of Monday Night Raw this morning. It ended just before I needed to go to work which was great! The first fight was a match between a couple of the ladies. Their names escape me at the moment (I don’t know most of the names of the newer people yet). But man, the finisher in this match was brutal and awesome. Just straight wrecked her spine. The next match was between a...[Read More]

Monday Nights on Tuesday Night (Part 1 of 2)

So I think at least up to this year’s Wrestlemania I’m going to write about Monday Night Raw. I haven’t watched it in almost 10 years, perhaps longer. But with the recent return of Shane McMahon I’m interested to see what happens. This first episode is so far great! We are ten minutes in and the audience is as much a character as the wrestlers themselves. They are cheering ...[Read More]

[DevBlog #10] To Walk or Not To Walk

I’m making fairly good progress on the game. But today I found myself asking the question of mobility. Just what do I want these initial Moosecats to do? I had thought that perhaps a really dynamic movement system would be fun. Letting them walk all over the island you’ve built. But I’ve already noticed that this is a cascading problem. I can either choose to work on movement now...[Read More]

Review: Pokemon Red & Blue

2016 is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. I can safely say that this is one of my favorite video game franchises, if not the best. I could go on for many posts about what I love about Pokemon and I just might make a month out of that sometime. But for now we’ll just talk about the re-release of the original Red/Blue/Yellow Gameboy games on the Nintendo eShop. The 90s were something of a magic...[Read More]

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