Month: February 2016

Dark Souls ~ The Day Ends and Night Falls

So I gathered more souls and did a bit of upgrading on my gear. This time around I also brought along Solaire (which ok isn’t new) but also some rando named Ken Something. I’ll see if I caught his name on the recording. Ken was a genuine champ, going all in on Ornstein. I held off Smough while he and Solaire went to town on that skinny little fellow. A few minutes in and Ornstein lie l...[Read More]

Dark Souls ~ Ornstein and Smough, eh.

I’ve put in a few attempts on this boss. Thus far I can relatively consistently get it to stage two. That’s about the point that things fall apart. But I’m not really here to talk about the bosses quite yet. Instead I want to talk about the area before the boss. This is the most obnoxious area before any boss that I’ve found thus far. There are two large knights (who are ap...[Read More]

The one thing I like about multiplayer in Souls games.

I’m gonna come right out and say it. I really don’t like PVP in any game. Almost ever. Since I was little it hasn’t appealed to me in the slightest. The only way it is worth anything is if the person I’m competing with is literally in the same building, or preferably in the same room as me. Otherwise all I’m doing is fighting a relatively impressive AI that is built t...[Read More]

Upcoming Bloodborne Videos

I’ve started editing my Bloodborne Videos finally. So you can expect a deluge of them coming shortly. Some will be long, some will be short, and some will even be educational. Not the world’s greatest update but the video I wanted to list today is taking a staggeringly long time to upload. I suspect we’ll see it before the heat death of the universe. If you follow me on Twitter o...[Read More]

[Review] J-Stars Victory VS

JStars is a confounding experience. I don’t outwardly hate it but there is a lot about it that just doesn’t work. The first thing to note is that the controls are pretty much awful. They’ve got you pulling two button combos for almost anything outside of blocking and moving. There is no reason for it. The last I counted the PS4 controller has roughly 97 buttons on it. If you dedi...[Read More]

Mobile Website Basically Fixed.

It took far too long, but finally I’ve fixed the mobile version of this page. The advertisement at the top is so small that it will no longer break mobile. The last thing I need to fix is that header that leaves a gap as you scroll down. Not much else to point out. In the world’s tiniest development news, I’ve redone the item system in Moosecat and it is way nicer now. It’s...[Read More]

Dark Souls – Video Highlight #1 (Up to Gargoyles)

The next video I make will actually have normalized audio and “maybe” you’ll be able to hear me. Who knows. Regardless, I’ve gotten through the Gaping Dragon. So I’ll cut together a compilation of my time up to that and have it out in the coming week. For now though, enjoy the various highlights of my time from the start to the Gargoyles.

Is Entropy a Numbers Game?

It’s entirely possible, and likely, that this isn’t a new thought. But I was recently thinking about whether Entropy falls into my old post about “Vapid Questions”. I’d link you but I’ll be damned if I can’t find it either. Fitting, I suppose. The thought was that perhaps it’s not that everything is moving from order to disorder, but that for any par...[Read More]

2016 Wii Fit U Challenge – Update #7

Liz is pointing out that the Appalachian Trail is 2,160 miles. So in order to complete it we’ll need to walk roughly 6 miles a day, starting from the first of this year. Unfortunately I’ve double checked my watch and it is easily further along than the first of the year. I still think it is possible but it would require a great deal of effort. May look into seeing how large the neighbo...[Read More]

(WoW) Caught Deth’tilac today!

Ever read something and wondered why you read it? Like, who gives a shit what random guy #3,983,102,476 did today? Apparently you do, if you are still reading. Today Liz and I finished up Mt. Hyjal (as much as it matters). At the end of our journey the exceptionally rare Deth’tilac was waiting for me! If it touches you, you die, that’s the jist. It makes the entire catching experience ...[Read More]

[Early Thoughts] Dark Souls

This weekend I’ll try to get a real review out for it, but I’ll just shortly say that I had a fairly good time playing Bloodborne. The pacing in it is such that I’m sweating like a murder suspect on trial while I play. So naturally once I finished it I heard from countless people that I should play Dark Souls. “It’s the greatest thing to ever happen in gaming.” ...[Read More]

Loading Da Vita Memory Card

It’s been a very long time since I’ve loaded up my Vita. And soon with the release of Grand Kingdom (soon being this year) I’ll probably be putting a lot of time on it. I forgot just how gorgeous the screen on this thing is. The colors pop out of the screen and really compete with my phone’s screen. I’m not sure (offhand) what the resolution this thing is, but it caus...[Read More]

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