Diablo 3 S5 – Torment 8, 2 to Go.

We continue to travel south on the totem pole of Greater Rifts. Largely because its so relaxing and fairly entertaining. I’ve reached Paragon 150 and am somewhat tempted to at least get to the point where I’ve capped 1 stat in each area. Bill joined us on his Monk and it was a pretty great time overall. The last thing I need before finishing my set dungeon, and maybe not even that, is to find the amulet that gives me immunity to electric damage.

I await its arrival, but ultimately I’d say this season has been a winner. Sure, a power creep, but it’s about having fun and I think they’ve found it. Well paced, and time limited, fun. Gets you in, out, and on with your life. Which I appreciate.

The Big Boss, Billdabear himself joined us!

The Big Boss, Billdabear himself joined us!

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