Diablo 3 S5 – Nearly Complete!

Today was nearly the last day I was going to play Season 5. I had spend a not-insignificant amount of time getting my 6 piece tier set and then I accidentally broke a piece of it down. The season is VERY tightly entwined with these sets and that basically meant that a single slip of my mind had cost me the rest of this season for however many months it would be. I contacted the staff and they told me to basically sit on it. Or rather, that the developers had designed the game with that message in mind. There are 0 tools for the GMs to help people, none, the developers apparently think they are infallible.

But I digress, this story ultimately has a good ending. While it took some people 29,000+ blood stones to get nothing, I managed to get the exact set piece I lost in about 3000 of them. This is good because I like playing this game with Liz but ultimately that was extremely good luck. Like, I just powerballed Diablo 3 basically. Not quite that lucky, but yeah.

To give you an idea, I needed to get a green set piece, and not only did I need to get a green set piece I needed to get the exact right one. So it’s an RNG inside of an RNG. Here is an example of the merchant and how many tries it takes to get anything of value, note that legendaries are less rare than set pieces. And each of these is a 25 stone attempt.


That’s 30 attempts, or 750 stones. It netted me 5 legendaries, 4 of which are duplicates. And not a single set piece. Liz tells me there are no belt set pieces, but you can imagine first getting the legendary above and THEN getting the “sub-legendary” of legendaries that you need.

I was dealing with this for about an hour before I finally got my gauntlet back (same odds and same cost). It’s an awful system that shouldn’t be the answer to a small mistake by a user.

We’ll come back to that a bit later, since you now know the end. A highlight to the day was that my Father-In-Law got on, he’s a super cool dude and I’m always happy to play with him. He joined us while we were leveling in the Rifts and…well…

It worked out nicely for him.

It worked out nicely for him.

I took a screenshot of all our rift progress tonight. The following are my personal best single for now and the duo best for Liz and I.

Not too bad! We'll be doing probably 30 or higher tomorrow.

Not too bad! We’ll be doing probably 30 or higher tomorrow.

Fairly proud of that, I was melting things as I ran through :D.

Fairly proud of that, I was melting things as I ran through :D.


Welcome to Hell.

Welcome to Hell.

Above you see the portal to the hardest content I’ve ever experienced in Diablo 3. As of now I think it is absolute bollocks but we’ll see how I feel once my gear is a bit better and I’m a higher level. You can see in this image I was paragon 37, currently I’m 100. As it stands when I enter into this place I get melted OR I find myself woefully underpowered. Killing 400+ mobs with both my dots on them is proving nearly impossible. As is popping 15 mobs at once, I can do about 12-13 consistently. I feel like the goal should have been to pop 10, a reasonable person could manage that. But it is what it is. This’ll likely be my roadblock for the rest of the Season.

Tomorrow if I’m not talking about development work I’ll talk about my set as it stands. Where my gear appears to be going and how my playstyle works. Currently it seems to work really really well everywhere outside of my set dungeon. Anyways, the game nearly died for me tonight, but for now it worked out alright. I’m a lucky dude, even when I get unlucky.

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