Month: January 2016

Bloodborne Platinum!

I’ll be writing up a review proper for this game soon. But I wanted to chat about this a bit seeing as I just finished and I haven’t posted something for today. Bloodborne is a very attractive game at a distance. From Software does an interesting job with creating their own unique style. It feels very sharp and silvery even when its supposed to be flesh and blood. I can dig it, I like ...[Read More]

Upcoming plans for Moosecat Sanctuary

This isn’t really a Dev Blog per say, this is more just me rambling a bit about my upcoming plans. Now that we have a rudimentary map constructor in the game I’ve quickly realized that I could actually create a map maker out of it. I don’t know if I’d hand this off to the public but I’ll be able to add in tools so that I can build the maps we’ll be having player...[Read More]

This week was a bell curve of sorts.

The week is over, has been for a few days now. But I need to catch up on posts. So I’ll talk about my week in short order. Basically this was one of those weeks with a lot of tasks needing to be completed in a short amount of time. It started out feeling alright, things kinda working out. And then a series of confusing surprises lead to a really pour tuesday and wednesday. It was really wear...[Read More]

[DevBlog #9] Map Making and Plopping

Today I put a bit more time into the map generator. It’s pretty rudimentary but it’ll work with any size tiles as long as they are hexagons (which cubes on a flat plane are, thankfully). As you can see I’ve used some free tilesets and randomized the generation of the grass between long and short. Just for lulz. The next thing I started working on was the “plopping” me...[Read More]

27 days into 2016 and Chill

This year I’m trying to relax. It’s so easy to get swept up in the anxiety of adulthood. Everyone acting like they’ve got a sense when really nobody ever seems to. The first few weeks of this month it was relatively easy to keep my relaxed demeanor. But I will admit that today I broke. This has already been a very stressful week for me. After a bit of conversation it seems like m...[Read More]

Torment IX is a stubborn beast.

It would appear that we aren’t build for Torment 9 yet. Which consequently means we can’t do 10 either. The difficulty spike between 8 and 9 is unreal. I am wondering just what will be needed to get over that hurdle. That isn’t to say we won’t find more surprises between now and then. On our journey this time around we happened across a treasure goblin that opened a portal ...[Read More]

2016 Wii Fit U Challenge – Update #4

A day late, happens sometimes. Overall still looking pretty good! I’m still hopeful that we’ll finish this this year. Between our improved diets (as opposed to being on a diet) and increases in physical activity (more her than I) I think this’ll be a pretty good year for our health.

[DevBlog #8] Thoughts on Saving and Progress States

A fair chunk of my work today has been building the transition between the first draft of the introduction into the game proper. This involves not only saving the data but keeping track of just what nuances the player has complete. Obviously the existence of a save file itself is enough for me to know that they’ve made it past the introduction. However beyond that point what have they touche...[Read More]

Diablo 3 S5 ~ Mastered Set Dungeon

  So alongside completing some of my unity dev work I also took some time to play Diablo 3 with my lovely wife. She tried to help me with the Witch Doctor Jade Harvest Set Dungeon (herein called the Dungeon for my sanity) and for a while we failed miserably. So we decided to go try and do hers and it was more or less a breeze. Nicely laid out, relatively fair requirements and everything was visibl...[Read More]

[DevBlog #7] Introduction/Tutorial Underway!

Oh what a glorious day! I spent a good portion of my time for the game working on the introduction sequence. The dialogue and pacing both will need work but I think folks will like it. The goal is to introduce people to the game slowly but in a manner that is more whimsical than most tutorials. I’m trying to imagine the introduction to LittleBigPlanet when I work on this game. Basically havi...[Read More]

Weekend Dev Plans

As I move into the weekend I’m preparing myself mentally for some development work I’ve got…well…in the works. The first thing is to finish implementing the first draft of the UI. This will be fun because frankly I’m terrible at UI work. Things just love to go wherever they darn well please. I’m trying to get a grasp on anchors but it is just not as simple as I&...[Read More]

Diablo 3 S5 – Torment 8, 2 to Go.

We continue to travel south on the totem pole of Greater Rifts. Largely because its so relaxing and fairly entertaining. I’ve reached Paragon 150 and am somewhat tempted to at least get to the point where I’ve capped 1 stat in each area. Bill joined us on his Monk and it was a pretty great time overall. The last thing I need before finishing my set dungeon, and maybe not even that, is ...[Read More]

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