Month: December 2015

Unity Bug Hunting and The End of 2015!

I spent a fair portion of tonight hunting down a pretty nefarious little bug in my Unity project. The good news is that figuring out this bug will likely help me a lot in bug fixing at work. It looks like there are a fair number of things, when left running, that will crash the latest Unity 5.3.x release. I was getting about 100% crash rates earlier with each time that I ended my project preview. ...[Read More]

Does the Force doom the Galaxy?

So I’ve been thinking a bit about the concept of the Force in Star Wars. In many ways it acts like a biological organism. We’ll set aside midichlorians because I’m writing this late and I don’t want to hate my night. But there seems to be an emphasis in the cinematic side of Star Wars about “balance” (which I believe is basically all that exists with the Lucasfi...[Read More]

What is it about TR-8R that makes him so wonderful?

I’ve joined the legions of folks that appear to have fallen for a single Stormtrooper in the latest Star Wars film. If you haven’t seen the movie you’ll want to run away before reading anything after the two images below. I can’t really articulate it, even before I knew other people liked him I was instantly attached. There is a certain level of acting that you very rarely ...[Read More]

Mimicking Biology in Game Design

Something I’ll be getting into tomorrow once work is over is trying to mimic some of the simpler concepts of evolution in a game project of mine. It’s one of those things that I’m surprised isn’t touched on more in gaming. I realize that Mewgenics will come out sometime between now and the heat death of the universe but in general it feels like a woefully under utilized mec...[Read More]

[Early Thoughts] Final Fantasy XIV

For the last few days I’ve been playing Square’s latest and greatest MMO (I mean…they only have two right?) that is Final Fantasy 14. I’m currently level 15 or so on Pugilist and nearly the same for Blacksmithing. I’ll talk a bit about my experiences thus far and maybe slap in some images along the way. I don’t really know what is considered spoilers but rest as...[Read More]

[Review] Star Wars: Episode VII

I guess I should say that I’m going to be doing a fair bit of spoiling here. But I don’t know what’ll get shown in the “previews” in various places, twitter, facebook, what have you. So what we’ll do is I’m going to talk about some other things first and THEN move into my thoughts. I don’t like going to movie theatres. They are just the most awful ex...[Read More]

Happy Holidaze

I’ve been tired all day. Not saying today went poorly, far from it, I’ve just been unusually fatigued. So strange because I feel like I got plenty of sleep last night. I spent a portion of today playing Fallout 4 and obviously gifts were opened. I like all of them. Going to need to plan out my time to see how much stuff I can get through. I think realistically I’ve hit a point in...[Read More]

My Top 12 Games of 2015: #01 Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

I’m sure this surprises nobody. Loving this game is almost a cliche, but much like most well loved things there is a good reason behind it. Over the years there have been few gaming certainties for me. Nintendo generally will provide me with good games, Blizzard will entertain me with fun stories, and CD Projekt Red will release a game that is better than I expected a game could be. I’...[Read More]

My Top 12 Games of 2015: #02 Cities: Skylines

While this is was #5 on my list it is probably my favorite city builder ever created. I might as well say it is. I can’t think of any other game that allows me to be the mayor of a city this vast, with persistent people, and just a general feeling of wonder in the machinations of man. Even before you start modding this game it is the strongest city builder I’ve ever played. As EA slowl...[Read More]

My Top 12 Games of 2015: #03 Metal Gear Solid 5

This was almost my Game of the Year. You might be wondering how it ended up then at #3. It’s time for a short story I suppose. I’ve got a Platinum on this game, played it absolutely to death. But the last half of my experience was desperately lacking compared to the first half. I’m about to go real deep into spoiler land, so run away now. I’m serious. This is me giving you ...[Read More]

My Top 12 Games of 2015: #04 Xenoblade Chronicles X

This one will be the roughest of my reviews because it is one of the more recent titles I’ve been playing (I think the newest on this list) but I’m pretty confident in where I’ve put it. It becomes increasingly complicated because I don’t have my video capture device hooked up to the Wii U yet. This means we won’t have any lovely pictures today! How droll. Ah well, su...[Read More]

My Top 12 Games of 2015: #05 Disgaea 5

This got knocked down my list the more I thought about it. Not because it’s a bad game, it’s one of my favorite games of the year by no small margin. If I was being entirely biased I’d slap this bad boy up to #1. I mean hell, I got platinum in the goddamn thing. I wrote a lot of guides that have been fairly popular on my personal website. And I believe I enjoyed basically every s...[Read More]

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