Warcraft: Picking up my Paladin Again.

I haven’t played my Paladin (Votum) in a very long time. I actually forgot just how excellently they play. Protection Paladin has to be one of my favorite options in World of Warcraft. It’s not needlessly complicated, the skills all seem to jive so well together. I never feel like I’m waiting on something because all my skills have a nice punch to them. Then you’ve got the proc for Avenger’s Shield that adds and extra sudden burst. It acts as an AOE Interrupt on top of looking and sounding cool which just makes it all around great.

It also helps that Votum is a draenei. So I have that sense of weight to my movements.

Another great thing about Paladins is that you’ve got a billion freaking ways to stay alive. I can make myself invulnerable, completely heal myself no matter how low my life is, or even just pop off a heal if I’m feeling like I could use a tiny boost.

Basically that and I’m sure I’ll come to be reminded of more soon. I’m hoping that with Legion most of the classes can feel as solid as Protection Paladin does. Even if it isn’t the “best” tank it certainly has the best feel.

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