Month: October 2015

Reviews: Dragon Quest Heroes

Today I finished the story for Dragon Quest Heroes and with that we move onto the next magical part of playing video games, reviewing them. As I mentioned in my early thoughts about the game (which I should link you to, but I’ll be honest, I’m ever so slightly lazy), it is very corny. The dialogue is full of puns and cliches that for some people might be a turn off. I’m a giant p...[Read More]

NaNoWriMo: Day -2

I’m preparing myself for next month’s marathon writing project. I’ve already decided upon doing the sequel to my first “novel”. I put it in quotes because I feel like I could have done it better. Bob Ross says that you really shouldn’t dwell on that kind of stuff too much, just do, otherwise you risk fiddling things to death and never finishing them. I’m g...[Read More]

Into the Hallow’s End

Somedays I’m not really sure what to write about. There are some interesting little bits of info today, like how the Penis may have only evolved once. I mean, that’s amusing right? Nature is like “We got this, that was perfect. They keep making babies like crazy now, onward to the next thing”. But I don’t think that’s necessarily enough to talk about. However I&...[Read More]

Raid Day Wednesday

Today we spent about an hour practicing on Archimonde. We didn’t down him but we got fairly close. It does turn out that there is something I don’t like about Archimonde. His final phase is a bit of a clusterfuck. This was somewhat true of Blackhand as well. The big problem with this is you can’t really practice it without reaching the phase. 6-7 minutes of going through the moti...[Read More]

[Early Thoughts] Dragon Quest Heroes

I’ve begun playing Dragon Quest Heroes, finally. My initial impressions are very positive. This game seems to relish in its roots. I’ve never been one to bash on nostalgia, or maybe I have, but I was wrong when I did. Nostalgia can be a beautiful thing and I think that when it is used properly it provides great emotional returns with low impact. Seeing the monsters from the Dragon Ques...[Read More]

Raid Day Monday ~ On to Heroic Archimonde

Tonight we downed Heroic Mannoroth with relative ease. It was pretty satisfying and I still enjoy him, even on Heroic. We moved onto Heroic Archimonde following that (well ok, a little in between that which I’ll be omitting). I do think we actually have it down but we made the classic mistake of trying to play through people’s exhaustion. This is a mistake we make often and I suspect w...[Read More]

Rico’s Disgaea 5 Guide: Complete Platinum Trophy Guide

It should go without saying that this post is going to have spoilers. So please don’t read over this until you’ve finished the main story. It’ll be much easier to do everything at that point, anyways. I’ll do this in order of trophy rarity. For trophies that really require you do not much more than play, I’ll say as much. I don’t recommend trying to get them ear...[Read More]

Rico’s Disgaea 5 Guide: Mid Game Power Leveling

This guide will take you through the process necessary to quickly and easily beat the story. After this my other guides will about be about furthering your experience and finishing up the post game material. Think of them as kind of a platinum guide but not entirely, maybe I’ll literally write a trophy guide. Once you’ve put a little bit of time into the Early Game Power Leveling you s...[Read More]

Disgaea 5 Platinumed

Welp! I’ve done it! Disgaea 5 is officially complete for me! This means tomorrow I can spend some time writing all the guides for how to finish the game and then move onto other things. Perhaps some wonderfully Yoshi things. Because Wooly World is staring me down and I wish to play it. I’m very pleased I was able to finish this today, the last few achievements are quite taxing and I di...[Read More]

NaNoWriMo looms on the horizon

This weekend I’m probably going to put a fair amount of time into guides for Disgaea 5 to knock them all out. And what follows that great devil of a project? Preparing for NaNoWriMo in the same month that Fallout 4 and Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void. The requirement is I need to write a 50,000 word novel within 30 days. That works out to 1667 words per day (rounding error included). My mist...[Read More]

Raid Day Wednesday: Tyrant Velhari

The skies turned to embers. Each cloud a sooty mote, raining down brimstone, ashe, and boiling acid. Pools of glistening green polished the lands and flesh was washed away from bone. No screams were heard within these lands. Only the pitter patter of droplets upon the alabaster earth. Figures of ivory form all manners of shapes across the blinding white planes. Some reach out to those they loved, ...[Read More]

Rico’s Disgaea 5 Guide: Squad Tips

Welcome to the second in a presumably long winded series about Disgaea 5. You are here because you’ve unlocked Squads and want to know what to do with them. I will warn you in advance that there are some (very) light spoilers in the squads below that detail a single post game character (who has no impact on the story in any fashion). If you don’t mind that, come on down! This’ll ...[Read More]

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