Month: September 2015

Raid Day Wednesday

If today’s raid was a travel accident it would be a train wreck for sure. I got to heal tonight which was fun. Fairly interesting being dropped into something like this where I have little to no real clue what I’m doing. The first fight I did absolutely terrible but the second fight didn’t go nearly as bad. I’ll keep practicing and trying to line up my casts correctly. My b...[Read More]

Xenoblade Chronicles (Early Thoughts)

This has to be one of the most unusual RPGs I’ve played in quite a while. I don’t mean that in a positive way, if in any way at all. There are glowing flames all over the map that appear to represent items you can pick up. Where previous games might have had you pick up items with “a” or what have you, this one just has you pick it up as you walk over it. It’s conveni...[Read More]

Raid Day Monday

You can find the logs for today’s romp here. I don’t have much to add, it went alright and I’ve got no complaints. Tomorrow I’ll be having my mouth assaulted by dentists. That should be a hoot, so with that in mind I’m going to get some rest to prepare myself.

Broken Achievements are giving me a Phantom Pain

Well today I finished MGSV 100%. You’d think that would be cause for celebration but no. Unfortunately not. Why? Well I didn’t get a Platinum trophy out of it…why further, you might ask? Because the game or PSN, one of the two, removed 3 of my achievements :/. I’m going to talk about them, so obviously there will be spoilers. Look away, all yee who enter here! I shouldnR...[Read More]

Nearly finished with MGSV

Today I got the special edition MGSV PS4. This is probably going to be one of those vanity items that I treasure more than most. It looks absolutely stunning. The system really pops with the mixture of red and black. The controller is pretty slick too, gorgeous and even features the diamond dogs logo on the right handle. I’m all around happy with it. I might take some better pictures down th...[Read More]

Enthusiast Gamer

For a long time now I’ve been trying to find a term that would best describe the kind of people that I mean when I talk about gaming. I didn’t like the term “gamer” because it’s too vague and frankly it has become loaded because of all the assholes on either side of conversations. Then I saw someone use the phrase “Gaming Enthusiast” and I feel like that h...[Read More]

The Themes of Video Games (Initial Thoughts)

This won’t be anything comprehensive, it is late and I’m quite tired already. But I was just thinking about themes for games. One of the themes that I end up on a lot is space games. I was thinking “darn” when it first came to my mind but then my thoughts scuttled forth a bit further. Well of course lots of things would be about space, effectively everything is space. If th...[Read More]

Raid Day Wednesday

You can find details about our experience here. Fel Lord Zakuun is not necessarily a terrible boss fight, I don’t mind dying to him. I will walk away from tonight not ultimately being unhappy. The large flaw in his design is that he is RNG based. They’ve “balanced” this by having the die roll be a choose your adventure system. It effectively rolls 3, 6 sided die. Not sure i...[Read More]

Raid Day Yesterday

We downed Xhul’horac tonight, which was nice. I fucked up pretty bad but luckily I did it on the attempt where he actually died. So I like to think that my fuckery was what got us to the promised land. Xhul is a weird weird fight. I feel like things are not quite balanced on Xhul. His imps have just too much life to be reasonably controlled. Yes, I’m aware, if your people have high eno...[Read More]

Disgaea 5 hits October 6th!

I’m so stupidly excited for this. Of all the Disgaea games released since the original I’ve only ever been marginally disappointed by one (Disgaea 3) and even that would be rated as a good game by my standards. This is a series that has unquestionably made my life a happier place and I don’t know how to handle myself while I wait for the release. It’s also going to give me ...[Read More]

Website was down, but now it isn’t.

The website was down yesterday evening and much of this morning. This meant that naturally I didn’t get to update. So now I’m updating in the past, about the present, only to be posted in the future. Apparently the SAN hypervisor was fucky or some such. I’ve no idea what it is but I will say that it sounds like something you collect in Borderlands. Ultimately the end result was i...[Read More]

A Mouth Full of Gold

I don’t get much dental work done but whenever I do get it done I’m reminded of just how incredibly expensive dental work is. It is fascinating to me just how much much things cost. Furthermore there is a flat level of cost for work as well. Upon quick reflection this isn’t too weird, you can buy a sandwich at a diner and get a different amount of food each time but you’ll ...[Read More]

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