Raid Day Wednesday

Tonight was a lucrative experience! Not for gear, albeit I like the new ring I got, but because we made some serious progress. The text logs for said progress can be found here. Video will come on the third full moon after the great harvest. Or some shit, I can really never guess when Twitch will get the content to YouTube.

Firstly we took down the Hellfire High Council. We wiped once at 70% which was less than ideal but not a big deal. I still like this fight and on Heroic it’s a bit more exciting. As it turns out the more damage you deal to the sword master the lower his mirror images will be when he casts them. That’s a pretty slick mechanic and I heartily approve. I did what I could tonight to make sure he lost a fair chunk of life so that when we got to those phases they were faster. I might suggest that we focus him when the big guy runs away (for melee) but we’ll see if there is a reason to not do that.

Next we had Kilrogg Deadeye. Our first attempt on him we wiped at 9%, that’s very close. The next two attempts were not good, but the final one we dropped him with little trouble. Deadeye is a pretty well designed fight. They apparently balanced his adds a bit which is essential to this fight. If they have too much HP it becomes unreasonable to assume that a raid can take them down in a composition anywhere near 10 people. Personally I think all raids should be balanced for 10 people and just go balls to the walls intense the more people you add. With the caveat being that you get lots more loot if you have lots more people. Is what it is though.

Finally we downed Gorefiend in a single attempt. It got really hairy near the end there but this fight is also a great deal of fun on heroic. A lot of things are going on between spells, adds, and two different zones to work between. Whenever you die you are sucked into his stomach and given a debuff. If you die again before that debuff wears off you are dead for realzies. However if you can holdout you effectively have a fight where you never truly die. We handled it pretty well, in 3 more runs we won’t need to do those terrible first couple of fights ever again. That’s a super exciting prospect. Only go back when we want to (or need to for at least two of the tier pieces).

We also fought Socrethar, but things happened. It’s fine, we’ll get him next Monday. And now I skidoodle off to sleep! The quest for a good schedule begins!

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