Month: August 2015

Raid Day Monday

Well today happened. There are certain experiences that just aren’t great. Socrethar on Heroic is one of those things. It is what it is. I enjoyed most of my day otherwise. So that’s good. On the bright side, tomorrow is Phantom Pain! What I’m going to be doing is first playing Ground Zeroes, and then once I finish that I’ll be playing Phantom Pain. Luckily most of the folk...[Read More]

Diablo Season 4: Day 3 (Completish?)

The majority of our play today I felt very underpowered. The journey from 60 to 70 was borderline painful. I think my biggest problem was I couldn’t tell what was killing me, only that something was. That’s fine though because we made it to 70 and checked out a greater rift for the first time since their inception. These things are pretty neat. Basically you race against the clock to d...[Read More]

Diablo Season 4: Day 2

The changes made for Season 4 continue to impress me. The blood gem vendor is slightly relevant, ever so slightly. This is a huge step up from their previous complete uselessness. Next the enchantress has become much more forgiving in terms of what resources she requires to reroll things. It’s not a walk in the park, you still need a lot of gold, but the game will deliver if you put in the t...[Read More]

Diablo 3 ~ Season 4 has Begun!

Blizzard has launched the 4th season of Diablo 3 and I’m pretty happy with it. You can skip the story now which is nice and go straight to the adventure mode. On top of that they’ve added in some sub missions involving doing various things in the game like leveling certain buildings and reaching certain levels. The game has evolved from something of an intense grind to a more therapeut...[Read More]

How many monthyears old are you?

Tomorrow is my Birthday. There are some interesting things to note about that. The first is that obviously I’ll never be able to visit the exact spatial location that I was born. The Earth is moving through space, around a star that is moving through space, around a supermassive black hole moving through space. It’s turtles all the way down and that moment in space and time where I was...[Read More]

Raid Day Wednesday

You can find the text logs here. We’ve got the first half of the Heroic Raid basically down. That’s a good feeling. Sometimes deaths can be a bit rough because of how sudden they are. Everything is going smoothly and then two people sneeze. Boom, done. Snot everywhere and now the kids are panicking. Dad! They shout. Its in my eyes! The next thing you know the neighbors are knocking on ...[Read More]

Development Blog ~ Tiles for Miles

I’ll probably get into taking more pictures soon. I’ve started including my own temporary art which means I can safely talk about things and display things without infringing on other people’s work. That’s good news for me. The first thing I did today was reduce the map size considerably. Now we are looking at roughly 675 tiles for a map. That sounds like a metric ton of th...[Read More]

Raid Day Monday

You can find the text logs here. The video logs will arrive around the same time that Donald Trump ends his run for office. So, you know, you’ve got a while. Tonight went surprisingly poorly. We wiped, I believe, 907 times. Is what it is, gave me time to think about things. What things you might ask? Oh I don’t know, the language spoken in those thoughts is alien to me. A random menage...[Read More]

The Paradox of Choice

I am sorely dealing with the paradox of choice as far as games are concerned. I just don’t know what to play anymore really. Everything seems like an incredible investment of time and more often than not I find myself just playing the next new thing that comes out instead of going into the backlog. If not for this terrible heat I’d try to do more videos but I end up needing the fan on ...[Read More]

Map Making in Unity ~ Initial Thoughts

In the next week I might talk about how I’m doing what I’m doing. But for today since I am already well beyond my bedtime I’ll just talk about the what, rather than the how. You can catch in the header that I’m using placeholder colors as well as placeholder images. Ultimately I will need to come back and make my own hexagon sometime. The one I’m using, though describ...[Read More]

Does eating before bed set you up for nightmares?

This isn’t necessarily a foolish notion. But as with anything else it isn’t certain. You can find plenty of anecdotes online and small studies (albeit this is a post talking about a study, rather than the study itself). Most amusingly you can read the comments from people that tell you the surefire way that eating has given them mental scarring after a night’s rest. So here I am,...[Read More]

Traffic is California’s state bird

Today I had to drive to work a little bit late. It is what it is. But to my surprise I-5 was largely traffic free. I should have known that something was terribly terribly wrong. It is a bit like being in a horror film and then being propositioned for sex. Sure, you think you are getting laid. But what are you really getting? A guaranteed stabbing! That’s what you are getting! The villain is...[Read More]

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