Raid Day Wednesday ~ Mannoroth!

You can find the text logs for this fight here. The picture above is of Archimonde who we didn’t actually beat. The video, as usual, will be available at the next solstice. Now that we’ve downed Mannoroth I suppose I should reiterate my feelings on it. This is an exceptionally good fight. I still think that the mobs you must contend with while fighting the boss are a bit unfortunate. They aren’t difficult and detract from the epic nature of the demon.

The fight consists of four total phases. The first has you fighting three summoners. I have no complaints about this phase and it is perfectly balanced for enjoyment and a bit of danger. Phase two has you dealing with imps, golems, and Mannoroth as a skeleton. After this phase he’ll destroy the imp portal and become a much more menacing fleshy demon. He now looks a lot like his former self. A short while after this and I believe he destroys the last portal (yet…I think the golems still spawn? I might be wrong).

The final phase is batshit insane and I love it. Folks running around getting the shit smacked out of them. One of those times that person was me, and that hurt a bit, but overall I really enjoyed it. Mannoroth is the kind of fight I don’t mind doing and represents the design I know Blizzard is capable of. Overall, and from what little I’ve seen of Archimonde tonight, this raid is very well designed.

There are 10 fights total I believe, of those 1 is pretty bad, 1 is really bad, and the rest are pretty great in their own ways. So solid B! I might review each boss in earnest sometime similar to how I did Highmaul (and forgot to do Blackrock Foundry…)

Now back to Windows 10 for me! Gotta keep playing with it.

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