Month: July 2015

World of Warcraft Transmog – Captain Auroht.

This is one of the simplest transmogs I’ve done in a long time but I really like it. Check out the ab armor. Say what you will about unrealistic female armor, but I get a strong chuckle from muscle armor in films and games. So silly.

Sleepy Thursday

Windows 10 has largely installed without any issues. I’ve noticed I had to renew my unity license and then I needed to reinstall Visual Studio. This isn’t the end of the world and for the most part I’m genuinely surprised that so little seems to be broken. Warcraft works just fine. I’m not sure if I’ve noticed any performance increases with games yet but there certain...[Read More]

Raid Day Wednesday ~ Mannoroth!

You can find the text logs for this fight here. The picture above is of Archimonde who we didn’t actually beat. The video, as usual, will be available at the next solstice. Now that we’ve downed Mannoroth I suppose I should reiterate my feelings on it. This is an exceptionally good fight. I still think that the mobs you must contend with while fighting the boss are a bit unfortunate. T...[Read More]

Development Update ~ I love me a good setter.

I’ve become desperately addicted to getters and setters. The majority of things that you are doing in update functions could probably be run through a good setter. My reasoning is that the majority of update loops I’ve seen people do are basically waiting for a value to change. But the thing is, you can already know when a value changes! I don’t believe I have a single function r...[Read More]

Raid Day Monday

You can find the text logs for the fight here. As so often is the case you’ll get the video logs in a few million years once YouTube catches up. The fights tonight went very well. Tonight we fought Tyrant Velhari, Fel Lord Zakuun, and Mannoroth. I’ll talk about each in order (only a little because it’s late and I should get some rest). Tyrant Velhari is a peculiar fight at first....[Read More]

Short Story ~ Unknown Knowns

Spent most of today playing wow with Liz. Wanted to make sure we got our achievements done for having flying once that is unlocked. After that I’ve put a bit of time into my game project. It’s officially back on track. I’ve gotten a new stage into it and sometime this week it can officially be called “a game”. Albeit being fun and whatnot is another story entirely. Ba...[Read More] is really great.

I’m working on an EDH deck for playing with some office buddies. The rules of EDH are pretty simple. Basically you’ve got a main legendary creature that is your “commander”. What are they commanding? Well an army of 99 other cards of course! Each card, minus basic lands, must be singles. Additionally the colors of the cards in your deck must either be colorless or the color...[Read More]

Feeling like a git while using git.

For a little while now I’ve been using git on my computer via the magic of sourcetree. It turns out that you can very easily start a versioning setup locally. Sure, it’ll say remotely, but it’ll turn out that you’ve been making all your updates strictly on your PC. I should have known that something was up because I didn’t have to jump through the hurdles of SSH keys ...[Read More]

Moving downstairs. A tiring journey.

Today we moved our stuff downstairs. Its too hot upstairs, blazing hot. Southern California heat is a dreadful thing. The sun dislikes all forms of life in this area. On the drive this morning we saw hills completely covered in ash. I realize that this was caused by a wildfire recently but it felt very appropriate. Life here is so strange to me. The drivers seem to be on the whole fairly aggressiv...[Read More]

Raid Day Wednesday ~ Downed Xhul’Horac. He still sucks.

You can find the text logs here. And eventually we’ll get a video up in here. For now I’ll add a fun video of Xhul being a total dickbag to us near the end of the night. It is short, I think you’ll enjoy it. You get to watch our raid leader leap to his death. Ultimately we beat him but I don’t feel too fulfilled by it. That fight really rubs me the wrong way. However the tr...[Read More]

The Art of Cleaning Your Room: A Development Thought

I’m beginning to wonder how adults clean their rooms. When I was a child there were a few different methods that I attempted but ultimately all of them were vastly inferior to what I settled on. Liz apparently did it much the same way and I wonder if this is just a tendency that kids pick up that is eventually lost as an adult. The first thing I would do is take everything from where it curr...[Read More]

Raid Day Monday!: Two Piece is Best Piece!

You can find the text logs for the fight here. Many moons from now the video will be visible here as well. I got the two piece from the current tier today. I quite like it, ends up working well with the Shaman rotation. This isn’t always true. Some of the two (or four) piece bonuses make me tilt my head and think “The fuck were they thinking with that?” Indeed the 4 piece for Enh...[Read More]

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