Banished is interesting.

Banished is a city builder. Sort of a survival simulation. You are tasked with raising a small village in a tough wildlands area. I’m sure there are more settings to explore but my first impressions of it have been very good. I’m going to make a JTT video for it tomorrow. Presumably I’ll actually check out the tutorial. As it stands I haven’t and I was just winging it trying to keep my village alive.

They fished, they hunted, and all was well until winter rolled around. I was surrounded by resources but somewhat perplexed at times on how to acquire them. Slowly the game grows on you and I’d argue that most of it is very intuitive. Plus it looks lovely. I’m certainly interested in playing it more and if you happen to notice it on sale on steam I’d say you’ve got nothing to lose. Good game, fun to watch little people try and not die under your watchful eye.

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