Month: June 2015

How to spice up your Warcraft Shipyard Experience

As it stands the garrison shipyard system is a bit frustrating in the latest wow patch. If you fail on a mission you can lose between one and all of the ships you’ve sent out on the mission. For a lot of people this can be a game ender. You get attached to your creations and it’s just not fun to see them go. So why not get something out of those failures? The first bit of advice is nam...[Read More]

Does your city have nice weather? How to quickly find out.

Can you resolve the cold temperatures with a jacket [if anything]? If the answer to this is yes then you are doing well so far. When the hot days hit are you able to go outside without needing shade? If the answer to this is yes then you are doing well. Conversely do you need shade to enjoy a “nice day” in your city? If the answer is yes then you are probably not experiencing a nice da...[Read More]

Different Day, Different Doctor

Those of you that follow these posts probably know that I’ve got a fair number of things that don’t really work well. I’ve been meaning to return my body and get a replacement but I’m not sure I still have the receipt. As a kid I feel like I had the same doctor for basically forever. Similarly I had the same barber for seemingly forever. There were these jobs that I just ex...[Read More]

Arkham Knight hides an absolutely brilliant storytelling tool amid the punching

I’m sorry. I need to talk about this a bit because it continues to blow me away. If you haven’t played the game yet I’d suggest just stopping on this sentence and going no further. I’m serious, I’ll be talking about things that you want to experience organically. Are you still here? No, they are gone? Alright close the door we don’t want them hearing anything. A...[Read More]

Image: High Flying with Liz

Learning to love Wildfires

Today was a pretty uncomfortable day for me. Unrelated to my discomfort, Yesterday (and to some degree still today) we have had some pretty major wildfires in the area. Fires make people uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Through this forced segue I’ll be talking about them. The most obvious discomfort is the apparent pure destructive nature of fire. It accelerates entropy in everything...[Read More]

Raid Day Wednesday ~ Hellfire Citadel!

Today we began Hellfire Citadel. The newest (and maybe final) raid of this expansion. I don’t have much to say because frankly I’m tired and it is both late and hot in Canyon Country. But I’ll give a brief bit of thought on the fights as they stand. We fought the Hellfire Assault, the Iron Reaver, Hellfire High Council, and Kormrok. The Hellfire Assault fight is incredibly boring...[Read More]

Arkham Knight ~ First Impressions

So I’m waiting for Batman to finish patching. Fair enough. Can’t have console games work at launch. I feel like they used to, probably my imagination. I’ve played a little on PC already. I’m very impressed so far. I’m fairly certain it’ll blow my mind. I even liked origins but apparently I was the only one. Anywho. Time to start. At 11 I’ll add more to thi...[Read More]

Space time!

What I’ve got going on above is nothing super special. We’ve got an Earth and Moon (To Scale). The sun is glowing from the proper location. I’m looking into how complicated it will be to walk across the moon. You need to use the normals of the raycast between your feet and the center of the moon. That’s not super complicated but it does get messy when you combine that with ...[Read More]

Punching all the things in Witcher 3

Today the weather was not much more hospitable than yesterday. But I made the best of it. I don’t know how much more of the Witcher 3 exists, I’ve already failed a couple of quests and I’m not much feeling doing 100% of the rest. I think I’ll come back to it with New Game + or replay the entire game on the hardest difficulty once they’ve patched out some bugs. Only tw...[Read More]

A hundred degrees of madness

Today was one of those days. Infernal heat baked the land. I spent most of today half asleep in front of the humidifier. Someday humanity will look back upon these days and scoff at our desire to live here. At the very least the nap was nice. Even if I’ve a terrible headache now.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is quite nice.

Another week down. Got a new phone (the Samsung Galaxy Note 4) and I quite like it. I’ve spent a fair portion of the day cleaning up the phone and organizing it to better fit my lifestyle. The screen is gorgeous, the audio that I’ve heard so far is pretty good, and the stylus that it comes with is great. We’ll see how I feel about it in a few weeks but for now I’m pretty op...[Read More]

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