JustTheTip EP.13 ~ Cities: Skylines

This post was originally about hubris and how tiresome it is to work with people inundated in the stuff. But I realized I wanted to end today on a high note instead. So let’s talk about Cities Skylines! As I’ve already reviewed it I just want to reiterate that its amazeballs! The best city simulation game to come out in the last ten years, maybe my lifetime. It never stops being fun for me and I highly recommend you check it out.

I already need to make a followup to this video because my new city puts this one to shame! Everything I said in the first review is still true. The game has only gotten better with time for me. It’s really one of those things I’m glad to have experienced in my life. To get the most out of your cities experience I’ve collected all the mods I’m using into a group for you on Steam! They all work together, without any foreseeable issues. You can find it here: Click me!

Beyond that you can watch my relatively boring video below [woo, perfect sell!]:

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