Month: May 2015

Unity Projects: Fast Building a Plinko game.

So I got bored earlier and decided to bang out a quick and easy game on Unity. It’s your simple run of the mill Plinko game. The objective is simple, score as many points as you can in the least number of moves possible. The highest score you can get is 1 billion. I’m not expecting anyone to go that far, but it would be amusing to see how many tries it takes to reach there. In theory y...[Read More]

Geralt speaks to me on a visceral level.

It’s about 900 degrees in our house right now. Southern California is painfully predictable. The spring sucks, fall sucks, and in between them the Summer sucks the hardest. A sweltering moisture vacant oven that bakes every last person that was foolish enough to live here. If there weren’t jobs here I’m largely convinced that folks wouldn’t be here. But I digress, I played ...[Read More]

Transmog Set: Right to Bear Arms

You can find all the details here:

The implied “To Me” that seemingly everyone misses.

On our commute home I noticed a long chain of white cars. I thought to myself “Man, white cars are atrocious.” Now, if I were to say this online, as I am now, you could be fairly certain that someone would try to correct me. Either they’d say “Not really, here are all the qualities of white cars.” or “That’s just like, your opinion man.” In both of t...[Read More]

Raid Day Thursday

Tonight was a pretty good night for raiding. You can find the text logs for it here. My rerolls tonight were the best I think I’ve ever experienced which means I’m likely in for shit for the rest of my raiding career. We’ve gotten into our groove for a lot of these fights which is nice. If you are going to be getting absolutely terrible gold rolls at least the fights could be rel...[Read More]

The ever lengthening reach of exhaustion.

I was going to write about some ideas I have for the future of wow today. But my brain decided otherwise. It’s a remarkable thing once I start getting tired. I’m sure this is similar for other people but obviously I’m not inside of other people’s minds. I’ll be sitting here feeling all sorts of gravy and then it’ll hit me like a Mack truck. My eyes go from funct...[Read More]

(Witcher 3) Stepping out of the Uncanny Valley

This post will likely feature a little bit of spoilers for a bit of the main story for the Witcher 3. It’s basically a sub story involving the Bloody Baron, it doesn’t impact the main story, but I want to talk about it. I’ve been playing video games for a long time. Basically as long as I can remember. They’ve been a big part of my life and something I deeply enjoy. Frustra...[Read More]

The coming Ghavacalypse

Driving in LA is probably one of the most troublesome tasks known to Americans. Sure, outside of the US, there are land mines and other terrible problems. But in the relative bubble of our nation the LA roads are a bit like something from Fury Road. Needless to say needing to drive a half hour to meet up with people was not on my agenda for good plans. That said, I’m glad I did. Today became...[Read More]

Sunday Cleaning

Did a bit of cleaning downstairs today. For whatever reason I find cleaning to be strangely satisfying. To see your home transform from what it has now become to something much nicer. Even though technically it’s going back to an older state it ends up feeling newer. The lack of PC boxes in the living room was certainly enough to blow Venus’ mind. She sauntered down prepared to pounce ...[Read More]

A Louvre of the Sun

A friend of mine is, or was, just in Paris. The world is huge, massive, in fact. Each of us could just as well not exist for our relative size compared to the Earth. You could stand every single human being in a handful of US states. It would be uncomfortable and non-functional but the physical area required is easily found. 7 billion people in a single state. With that in mind you could safely as...[Read More]

(Isles of Scion) – SotS: The Cafe

Had a pretty rough couple of forevers. Decided to write a short story. No proofing or whatever. Just a one and done, but I may come back and clean this up for later. Enjoy. In the distance the sun was just reaching the last moments of its daily journey. Night had unravelled in the sky above revealing every twinkling blemish of its nude form. Most people walking through the thin jagged streets of S...[Read More]

Social Ties and Workplace Parties

Today we had a celebration at our company. I can’t tell you what about, suffice it to say new details about Bigfoot are imminent in the scientific community. Regardless of what incredibly secret discoveries that may or may not have happened the ultimate conclusion to those events was the party. We had it at a local brewery that has food and drinks. You might be saying to yourself “Both...[Read More]

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