Raid Day Sunday – Blackrock Foundry

You can find most of the text logs here. It went good. We mostly had people running their alts. I think I’ve hit the point where I can do a review for Blackrock Foundry. I might do it this week. One review for each of the four wings. In general I think its alright but I do feel like there is a special something missing. I don’t know what.

It is better than Highmaul to me but still it lacks. Maybe reflecting on it this week will tell me why. Overall my feelings towards raids are getting more and more diluted. I’m not really devoted to dps charts and so I don’t derive that same sense of satisfaction that others do as their classes progress. Honestly, if I did, I wouldn’t be playing an Enhancement shaman. I don’t know what this entails. Maybe I’ll reduce my raiding in the coming weeks. Do other things. Those are hours each week I could be reading, watching things, playing other games, or relaxing.

Then once the next raid drops I’ll get interested again. It’ll take a while for the video below to become available. It’s 3 hours of 1080p 60fps video. A bit brutal for YouTube but once its all rendered it’ll look nice. You can see me in my exhausted and near silent state playing through basic Blackrock Foundry.

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