Month: April 2015

Pack up the internet. Time to go Dark. Age of Ultron is out.

It’s that time of the year again when there is finally a movie I care to see. This means that I’ve got to basically give up all comment sections everywhere. Twitter is done for now, YouTube is done for now. It’s all darkness to me. Because someone, somewhere, is going to be an asshole in the next 24 hours and I don’t want to be around when they do it. Already had the last b...[Read More]

Thought Experiment ~ Building a Better Artificial Gravity.

One of my favorite recent discoveries on YouTube was covering artificial gravity in Sci-Fi. You can catch it below. Once you’ve finished I’m going to talk about what I think might be an even better solution. Possibly. You back? Yes? No? Well I’m just going to start talking and when you get back you can read this. I was thinking about gravity, obviously, since I just wrote about i...[Read More]

Image: Cities: Skylines ~ The Wall

I was really interested in how this strip of buildings turned out. I like it. Played a lot of Cities: Skylines today to unwind. Don’t regret a minute of it.

Reviews: Albert Michelson’s Harmonic Analyzer

I’m a big fan of mathematics. It’s one of those peculiar affections because I don’t actually have the skills necessary to fully appreciate it. As I’ve gotten into coding it has become a bit easier but still its one of those things that eludes me. One of the channels I follow on YouTube is Engineerguy, Bill Hammack. He covers everything from Microwaves to Thermostats and sho...[Read More]

Raid Day Sunday ~ Heroic Blackrock Foundry

Today we took down Flamebender, Kromog, and Iron Maidens with little trouble. It wasn’t until we got to Blast Furnace that things got messy. I don’t really fault anyone in the group for this. Blast Furnace is a weird fight that I’ve grown to feel something of indifference towards. The entire second phase is too cyclical and boring and it lasts forever. You have to grab an element...[Read More]

How much of our culture is shaped by gravity?

I’ve discussed this before in some manner. Perhaps not here, but it has been on my mind. Our taboos and cultural ticks are all so tightly bound to arguably silly things. When considering what it means to be nude, for instance, versus being dressed. By stopping light from refracting less than an inch further than it otherwise would have you’ve turned a problem into not a problem. Ultima...[Read More]

Parrot People and Ignorance of Age

Today was mostly a productive and exciting day for me. I got a lot of new things done and learned some more tricks in C#. I really need to get around to teaching others how to do fun stuff as well. The thing I want to talk about today was what happened at the beginning of the day. I’m edging ever closer to 30. When I was younger I expected that I’d hit a point someday where I’d j...[Read More]

Raid Day Thursday

You can find the text logs for today’s experience here. Today actually went pretty well for me. I’ve got few complaints. The actual run was pretty bad in terms of progression but my personal improvements felt good. I don’t have much else to add about the raid for today. You can check out the video below if you are interested in watching it. However I did find this interesting: I&...[Read More]

The Rules of Engagement with Amiibos

I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m not willing to go out of my way to give money to people. If I can’t get something through the tried and true method of purchasing it first hand, I’m likely just never going to do it. There are exceptions for items that existed before this clause. Grandfathered into my old way of thinking. But for new things I either buy it from a st...[Read More]

JustTheTip EP.12 ~ Lucius

When I first loaded up Lucius I was expecting some very lazy attempt to scare me with a little white kid. It wouldn’t be the first time that a game has done it. It might be the first time a game has done it intentionally. But certainly not the first overall. Imagine my surprise when the game controls were finally rendered unto me and I was controlling the creepy white kid. Oh joy! By the end...[Read More]

Streetpass and the People in the Walls

I got the two new streetpass games for the 3DS. The presentation on both is at least initially very impressive. I’m excited to have some more things to do with the random folks that end up on my system. Something I find interesting about the 3DS is that you end up making friends with your neighbors. Both at our last home and this current one I find myself getting the same people on occasion....[Read More]

Raid Day Sunday

You can find the text logs here and the video is, as always, below. Today we ran up against Oregorger and the Iron Maidens in Heroic. It went about as well as I was expecting. Which is to say, fairly well. I still think its in the cards for me to switch the character I’m playing because I don’t really see the output from Enhancement Shaman that I’d like. It’s still easily m...[Read More]

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