Month: March 2015

Belial’s favorite holiday is here.

April first begins with my least favorite of all holidays. I’m not against jokes or joking with people but this holiday sucks for a different reason. A bunch of companies basically showing you really great ideas that they’ll never do. Every year video game publishers and developers make “jokes” that end up being better than any of their current IPs. A dog Sherlock game woul...[Read More]

Another phone update.

Tonight I’m updating by phone. So not much I can say. Gonna watch Big Hero 6. Here’s hoping it is good. So far I am impressed.

He who can create coarse sand will dominate the world’s economy.

Yes, I know, patriarchy and all that. Feel free to put “she”. English needs a nice short (2 letter ideally) word for genderless but singular peoples. With that out of the way I’d like to forward your eyes to this wired article. I wasn’t aware that something as ubiquitous as sand was resulting in the deaths of people. To think that we as a species have gotten to the point wh...[Read More]

My quest for perfect audio continues.

It’s astounding how many different things can lead to problems when streaming or recording. Currently my big problem is electrical noise. I first thought it might be my microphone so I checked another one and got the same issue on that one. Next I thought perhaps it was one of my USB devices (because you can only hear it when the mouse isn’t moving). So I unplugged everything. It was s...[Read More]

The Iceberg – Pillars of Eternity [Part 1]

So far I am incredibly impressed with Pillars of Eternity. It’s an isometric fantasy RPG that seems to hit all the right bases. In a few hours my first video on it will be up. You can watch it along with me and see just how good it is. The combat is fun, the characters thus far seem fleshed out, and the game itself looks beautiful. The artwork and music in this game are incredible. Kickstart...[Read More]

Raid Day Thursday – Blackrock Foundry

Today went rather well. You can find the text logs here. And the video will eventually show up just below. I had a good time tonight. I think I’m still feeling general fatigue. The JTT series that I’m running is a good start to try and get my mind off things. I have a bad tendency to think about every event in a lifelong manner. When something happens I think to myself “imagine i...[Read More]

JustTheTip EP.2 ~ The Maw

To start off with one of my cliche intros: The Maw is an interesting beast. Graphically I think the game looks fine. It takes the arduous job of making a 3D game look good even as technology leaves it behind. Most games look like donkey turds a few years after their release. The Maw is just the right level of color and design that it’ll likely look alright for decades. It’s not fantast...[Read More]

Black holes and the Human Perspective

So soon the LHC will be making tiny black holes. I was amused because at work there was a discussion about the dangers of it. This thing could suck up the Earth! I was told. It’s kind of fascinating how we handle scale. People hear black hole and they imagine this powerful force of nature that can crush everything around it into an infinitely small point. Or as one of my colleagues made it s...[Read More]

Video recording on little sleep.

Man am I tired. Played a new game today from my backlog. A telltale game called “Hector”. My experience was pretty terrible. A half hour in and I just couldn’t go anymore. It didn’t help that Artemis woke me up at 7 am this morning. I am absolutely dying right now. The little intro I did for today’s video was barely worth the effort because I was falling back into my ...[Read More]

My first YouTube Video of 2015!

Today I uploaded my first unboxing video. It comes with a special additional bit of content at the end. At 3.14 minutes long (mmm pi) its not going to eat up too much of your day. Basically I go over the 6 plushies from TeeTurtle and how much I like them. Spoilers: A lot. The audio is a bit bottomed out but this is because my PSU is absolutely dying. Its adding HUGE amounts of AC noise to my recor...[Read More]

Recap of the week and the first (last?) audio update from me.

So I wanted to try out my new settings for the microphone and see if I could get it good. I want something where when I record I don’t hate what I hear back. I think I’ve accomplished that for once which gets me fairly excited. I had to stop myself from talking too much or recording too much. Got other things to not be doing.

Link as a Girl? My take on the question.

There is a lot of hubbub going around about “Why isn’t Link a girl?” and I wanted to address it a little bit. I think that the discussion, both for and against, is mostly rooted in the wrong points. Generally speaking the pro side is saying “Why not, it doesn’t matter.” and the con side is saying “Don’t take away my linky poo!” I don’t kn...[Read More]

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