Month: February 2015

Some thoughts on the elegance of Majora’s Mask

I don’t know how to really convey just how much I appreciate the design of Majora’s Mask. The 3DS remake that just hit (that I am finally playing) really puts a polish on all the things that I already liked about the game. It looks great, it sounds great, and it plays great. Nearly every design in the game is just spot on fantastic. There is so much character and life to the game. Even...[Read More]

Wikipedia Roulette – What do we get?

Hmmm hmmm. What to talk about today. How about we hit random on Wikipedia and see what we get. If you aren’t aware of what scanners is, you’ve probably at least seen the image of the guy whose head explodes while sitting at a desk. I’ve never actually watched Scanners but I’ve read the spoilers for it many years ago. From what I recall its about a group of telekinetics that...[Read More]

Raid Day Thursday

You can find the text logs for this here and the video SHOULD load below.

Image: Welcome to the Future.

Are young people Human?

This is one of those questions that has been rooting around in my head for a while. It’s also part of a larger series of questions. But I think we can’t get to those until we get through with this one. I suppose the first thing we’ll start with is the notion of statute of limitations. Specifically that of crimes. A statute of limitations is the deadline for filing a lawsuit. Most...[Read More]

Will the internet make you immortal?

Now I want to start off by saying this isn’t going to be some weak ass cop out. I’m not talking about your data being online forever and that being the kind of immortality that famous writers get. Oh no. I’m talking about a body, a living breathing body that nobody can distinguish from you. We’ll hit some walls along the way in this (presumably) short journey, but I wanted ...[Read More]

Raid Day Sunday

You can find the text logs for this fight here and the video should eventually load below! 🙂

Reviews: How to survive a sharknado

This was a rough, rough, read. I didn’t think a joke book would fall so flat for me. I had to push myself to finish this book and I mean that almost literally. Just every page after about 30% in was a slog. A rough, tough, drag. It’s not that I don’t think they tried. I’m sure they did…its just that they weren’t talented enough to carry it. If you want to read a...[Read More]

Worldbuilding Preparations.

As is so often the case I find myself interested in getting an idea on paper. Digital paper, but paper nonetheless. Once the idea is down I can relax for a few months (or forever) and come back to it (or not) and finish it at a later date. Once the idea has been brought to life it becomes easier to let it ferment and in some ways improve. There is also the danger of just never doing. Waiting until...[Read More]

Small thoughts on Agent Carter.

Today we make the grand mistake of posting from a phone. Caught up on Agent Carter today. I really like it but I do think it avoids one stereotype and shamelessly promotes another. Men seem genuinely unable to respond to pretty women in it. Thralls to their beauty. I get it, the show wants to empower women. But I think you can do it without making men act like fools. I’m not personally offen...[Read More]

Thursday Raid Day – Blackrock Foundry!

You can find the text results for this fight here and the video below! It was a good day for me for sure! If the video isn’t loading there is about 150 minutes left on it for upload as of this post. Huh. It never posted. Will fix soon.

Hawaiian Vacation – Last Day and Final Thoughts.

We return to my home tonight. Well I mean, I’m already here. But you are joining me in a post made from here now. Today has seen a good deal of napping, some new video game statues, and plenty of kitty rubs. So glad to see my cats again. I suppose we should do a final recap of the trip and what I took away from it. Specifically we’ll talk a little more about the last day and the flight...[Read More]

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