Beyond Earth ~ Day 2

The first thing I’ve noticed is that I’m bleeding energy. It’s about time to crank up my energy output and rake in the dough. I’ve still got enough energy for at least another 50 turns but that’s not an ideal place to be.

The Panopticon is under our control. It generates more culture and gives our military units an additional hexagon of Sight. This will be critical in the upcoming war for the mainland.


I’ve begun sending out wheeled explorers with nice big guns. The hope is we’ll find new lands to colonize on this planet and perhaps earn some research points by gently prodding the wildlife with bullets.


Well shit. Looks like the waters this way might not be the wisest choice.


Alright…this seems like a bust too. Well that solves that for now.

We’ve upgraded our gunboats to provide better land coverage along the shores. Hopefully this will help us with the ever present threat of alien attacks. Do they still count as aliens if this is their planet?

Something to ponder.

Our theft of technology from the Slavic Federation has proven useful. We are racing towards a victory through Supremacy. This is good. Especially given how everyone feels about us.

I was here first assholes.

I was here first assholes.

While taking that screenshot I just realized I’m playing the Americans.

That feels awfully appropriate.

Our soldiers have upgraded again and are starting to look fairly awesome.


Three full quarters of a war are won by those wearing the best outfits.

This new land is a bit more infested than I thought.


The colony of Liberty has been laid in a new land. All it took was eliminating all the indigenous living things.

Upon reflection I realize I might be roleplaying my home nation a bit too well.


Many years have passed and I’m racing along towards a Supremacy Victory. Strangely this likely won’t involve actually killing everyone.

Taking a city is the opposite of fun. I forget what the word is but its not all that enjoyable.

Maybe I am and maybe I am. You bastard.

Maybe I am and maybe I am. You bastard.

Construction around Liberty is moving at a breakneck pace. This is important for raising revenue. As you can tell I’m losing money year over year. This is less than ideal but I’m told running in a deficit is what all the cool kids are doing these days. I’m just trying to stay hip and groovy.


Our spies have taken over an enemy nation without even attacking. This is delicious and I’ve now found my planned victory condition. I will consume them from within.

With our newfound surplus of revenue flowing in we’ve launched another colony. Fortune is online, poetically enough.


War has begun. I will eliminate the Kavithan Protectorate. I don’t necessarily dislike them but they stand between me and the Slavic Federation. A people’s that I must end after all the terribly hurtful things they’ve said about me.

I have feelings too ya know!

Oh...oh come on.

Oh…oh come on.

I think this is a good place to call it for today. The war has already been ended early because KP has surrendered their colony that is closest to the Slavic Federation. Next I will destroy the SF. There will be no surrender. I will raze everything they love to the ground.

I might even record it. We’ll see.

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